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ABS 3 Bulb Solar System

ABS 3 Bulb Solar System

ABS 3 Bulb Solar System

ROHS 3 bulb solar system

6V 3 light solar system

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Solar Powered LED Lights



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Product Details
Solar Powered LED Lights
Model No.:
Mobile Phone Cable
Source Color:
Switch Type:
Push-button Switch
Battery Type:
Rechargeable Battery
Lighting / Radio / FM / MP3 / Charge
Product Description

Solar Powered LED Outdoor Lights 3 PCS Pure White Led Bulbs With Radio

Product Introduction

Model Number SRE-6815
Key Word Solar Panel Lights
LED Lights 3 Lights
USB Ports Double USB
Solar Panel 5W Solar Panel
Works 1-20 Hours
Bulb material ABS
Lead Time 5-20 business days for Solar Power Container Home
Power Supply Solar Panel and adapter
Protection Rating IP65
Accessories 5 in 1 Charging Wire
LED Bulb With Cable Bulb with 5 meter Cable
Selling Units Carton



This product is equipped with 15W solar panels, which can store more power and work longer. Whether it is used at home or out, it is very convenient and fast. It is easy to operate and set up even in a very emergency. It has a plastic shell design, easy to carry, no pressure, and the product is not easy to deform, ensuring a longer service life. It has a variety of colors to choose from, to meet your supreme pursuit of beauty, or to become your accessories. Such an environment-friendly, power-saving and beautiful multi-functional small system is the only choice in your life!



Solar panel is the core part of solar power generation system. The function of solar panel is to convert the light energy of the sun into electric energy, output DC power and store it in the battery. Solar panel is one of the most important components in solar power generation system. Its conversion rate and service life are important factors to determine whether the solar cell has service value. So the key component of this technology is solar cells. After the solar cells are sealed and protected in series, a large area of solar cell modules can be formed, and then combined with power controllers and other components to form a photovoltaic power generation device. The advantage of photovoltaic power generation is less limited by region, because the sun shines on the earth, and the photovoltaic system also has the advantages of safety and reliability, no noise, low pollution and no fuel consumption.



1. Simple operation. Compact structure, easy installation, integrated design of solar power generation controller, inverter, battery and power distribution, easy to use.

2. Permanent. The energy of the sun is extremely huge. Scientists have calculated that there is a time limit of at least 600 years. For humans, such a time limit is infinite.

3. Universality. The area irradiated by sunlight is scattered in most corners of the earth. The light energy caused by different differential incident angles is different, but at least it will not be monopolized by a few countries or regions, resulting in a fearless energy crisis.


Operation Method

How to charge the battery:

1. Connect the battery and the solar panel. When the red light of the battery is on, it means to start charging. The charging time depends on the power and sunlight intensity of the solar panel.

2. Charging through AC adapter is the same.

3. Generally, there is a charging indicator on the mobile power supply, which will automatically protect and stop the input after full charge. The longer the charging time of the mobile power supply with large capacity.



1. The surface of the solar panel shall not be damaged.

2. When charging the battery of the solar charger, place the solar panel upward in direct sunlight to ensure the best charging effect.

3. If the weather is cloudy, you can also charge the battery of the solar charger, but it takes a long time.

4. When it rains, remember to put the solar panel in the shelter to ensure its service life.

5. If the battery has overload protection, just unplug the load and switch it once.

ABS 3 Bulb Solar System 0

ABS 3 Bulb Solar System 1

ABS 3 Bulb Solar System 2

ABS 3 Bulb Solar System 3

ABS 3 Bulb Solar System 4

ABS 3 Bulb Solar System 5


1. As long as you want to know the product details, we support communication through video at any time.

2. Our team leader is very experienced. With more than five years of experience, it has sold hundreds of thousands of products. It solves any problems that may arise in the transaction and provides direct, honest and accurate answers.

3. Most of our past customers have given us a 5-star rating. We set clear expectations and set goals to achieve and exceed them

4. We have full confidence that our products can bring you good market and profits. Our fashion products can make the business of both sides win-win with good price and quality. Our business philosophy is that win-win cooperation is the real success.



Q 1. How do you calculate the freight?

A: We will calculate it according to your specific location and product weight. We can discuss it. If you have your own freight forwarding company, this is a good choice.

Q2. How much power do I get from the system every day?

A: It depends on several factors, such as the position of the solar panel, direction / tilt / sunshine time, etc. You can tell us how many degrees you need every day. We can help you calculate and select the appropriate power of solar power generation system.

Q 3. What if the solar panels are damaged during transportation?

A: First, contact the local express company to ask the complaint number of solar panel damage. Second, provide photos of packaging, damaged solar panels and express labels. Finally, the seller will refund or resend the new according to the buyer's decision.

Q4. Where can we use this system?

A: You can use it at home, when traveling, power shortage areas, mountainous areas, busy agriculture and so on.

Q5. What is the price and minimum order quantity?

A: First of all, please send me an inquiry or directly consult our online customer service. Your inquiry will be answered within 24 hours. We will tell you the latest price and the lowest order quantity.


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