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3PCS Solar Powered Tent Lights

3PCS Solar Powered Tent Lights

3PCS Solar Powered Tent Lights

CCC solar powered tent lights

3PCS Portable Solar Camping Light

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Portable Solar Camping Light



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Product Details
Portable Solar Camping Light
Model No.:
Solar Panel:
20W / 5V Mono Solar Panel
Color Temperature:
Pure White
Zhengzhou, China
Working Time:
6-35 Hours
Battery Type:
Lithium Ion Battery
Illumination Time:
12 H
Product Description

Portable Solar Led Tent Lights With MonoSolar Panel 3 PCS Solar Camping Light


Product Introduction

Model Number SRE-88G-3
Lighting solutions Online service
OEM Welcome
Solar Panel Mono solar panel
Sunshine time 4 Hours
Working Time 6-30 Hours
Remote controller Yes, intelligent induction.
Lamp Body Material ABS
Certificate CE,RoHS ,CCC
Size 5m/OEM
Voltage 5V
Function Solar Panel Charges
Packing Size 740*480*395mm
HS Code 9405409000



1. The lamp can be used as camping lamp or emergency torch lamp.

2. The brightness is adjustable and the use is more intelligent.

3. 5m wire, you can use this lamp indoors, in the garage or where you need it.

4. Rota-table and long working time: the outdoor lamp solar panel can be adjusted to various angles (180°) to ensure that the panel can absorb enough light from sunrise to sunset. Under strong direct sunlight, the battery will be fully charged within 5 hours. The maximum brightness of full power can last about 16 hours of all night lighting.

5. Large capacity battery, long working time.



Sunlight is a kind of radiation with wave particle duality. When the sunlight shines on the material, it can transfer the energy carried by the solar photons to the electrons, so that the electrons have higher energy (which can be compared with the phenomenon that the mother ball hits other balls and makes other balls move when playing billiards). If the material irradiated by sunlight is connected with the equipment requiring energy supply, high-energy electrons can be released through the external circuit, that is, to provide electric energy for the outside world. This is the power generation principle of solar cells. It can be compared to hydro-power: the sun irradiates the earth to complete the water cycle on the earth, and circulates the water at the lower part to the higher part through the way of water vapor rain, from which it forms a surging river. The construction of hydro-power stations in the lower reaches of the river can turn the potential energy carried by water rushing from high into electric energy.



1. Corridor lighting. Some old urban areas or areas with inconvenient power consumption can be installed, which not only achieves safety and environmental protection, but also solves the problem of difficult power consumption.

2. Power failure emergency. In case of sudden power failure, we can take down the small light bulb and use it in different places.

3. The lighting of small vendors is the first choice at night.

4. Mountain students are good helpers when they study at night.


Selling Points

Business advantage

1. Focus on solar lamp manufacturing and global wholesale for nearly 10 years.

2. Passed CE / ROHS certification. The products comply with European and American environmental protection standards.

3. The annual production capacity exceeds 10 million pieces.

4. It can supply 1 million units and stock 100000 units per month. Competitive price and fast delivery.

5. OEM / ODM services can be provided. Customize the logo, design the packing box, make new models and develop new products according to your needs.



Because the new battery is delayed for a long time during transportation and has self discharge loss, the battery is not fully charged, so it is best to charge it for 8 hours on sunny days before formal use. Generally, the use time can reach 6-30 hours (mainly depending on how many bulbs you use at the same time).

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3PCS Solar Powered Tent Lights 1

3PCS Solar Powered Tent Lights 2


After-sale service:

1. Customers should provide videos and photos of problematic products for our verification.

2. Products returned during the warranty period must bear the product number and date code.

3. Products of unknown origin or without valid marks are not acceptable.

4. The replacement item will be sent with the customer's next order.



Q1. How long do you carry out aging test on your products?

A: For our old products that are very mature and have passed market validation, we usually carry out aging test for at least 8 hours. For new products, we will conduct 24-hour aging test to ensure quality.

Q2. How long did you handle complaints?

A: We can provide you with fast, efficient and pleasant after-sales service. Usually, we need 3 days to provide a solution after collecting all the necessary information. If it is due to quality problems, we will give corresponding compensation, but we need you to provide detailed photos and videos. After our QC analyzes and finds out the cause, we will provide you with a solution.

Q3. Do you have a minimum order quantity limit for orders?

Answer: the minimum order quantity is 1 sample for inspection.

Q4. How much is the freight to my country?

A: It depends on the packaging weight. You can contact us after selecting the goods. We will inquire about the most competitive freight for you, especially we have been cooperating with the cheapest shipping company for many years.

Q5. Does my order have a tracking number?

A: Yes, we have a unique tracking number for each batch of orders. You can view the delivery status on the corresponding website.

Q6. When is your delivery time?

A: It depends on the order quantity. Usually, it takes about 7-10 days after receiving a small deposit. Bulk ordering takes 20-25 days.


Company Profile

Global sunrise Lights Electrical Co., Ltd. is a diversified company providing technological innovation and energy application, and is committed to improving the living environment through energy-saving technology and international cooperation to provide green energy for efficient lighting. In the field of solar lamps, our main product is the application of indoor and outdoor solar lamps. When designing products or making business decisions, we always follow the principle of "innovation, professionalism and high quality". We believe that only with this in mind can our company achieve sustainable development and continuously bring more value to customers.





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