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LED Control Panel Li Battery Portable Solar Generators For Camping

LED Control Panel Li Battery Portable Solar Generators For Camping

Li Battery Portable Solar Generators

11.1V Portable Solar Generators

LED solar generator for camping

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Portable Solar Generators



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Product Details
Portable Solar Generators
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Home Or Outdoor Generator
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Product Description

Portable Power Generator With Power Adapter For Homes Or Outdoor


Product Introduction

Name SRE-P65-500W
Input Adapter:DC 15V/6A
Power Indicator LED control panel
Casing Flame-Retardant ABS Material
Package Include Portable power generator, Power adapter, AC Line, User Manual,Car charger
Carton Size 590*425*305mm/carton
Weight 15.6kg
Support Solar Panel Charging Support
Specification 2sets/carton
DC Interface Turn on power switch and the press the DC button



Product Protection

a.Short circuit protection

b.Over-current protection

c.Over-voltage protection

d.Under-voltage protection

e.Overload protection

f.Over temperature protection

Trademark OEM
Transport Package Carton
Warranty 12months
Application Computer, Phone,
Capacity 520Wh,11.1V(equivalent 140400Ah,3.7V)
Provide corresponding support according to the actual situation of customers



This product is a high stable and reliable power supply designed by snadi to meet the requirements of public power and network system. Its high quality enables it to provide safe and reliable services, user data centers, industrial control equipment, precision medical equipment and other load comprehensive protection system equipment and household appliances. The full digital vector control technology based on DSP, MCU and DDC real-time processing is adopted, with perfect protection function and high reliability. Whether pure sine wave output mode or inverter mode, it can output pure sine wave power supply with low distortion to provide the best power supply guarantee for users' loading equipment.



Inverter is a device that converts direct current into alternating current. It is the core component of solar photovoltaic power generation system. According to the product design, it can be divided into special sine wave inverter for solar photovoltaic power generation and economical solar photovoltaic power generation control inverter.Performance characteristics of special sine wave inverter for solar photovoltaic power generation are as follows: DSP Chip control, intelligent power module assembly, pure sine wave output, output voltage stabilization and frequency stabilization, as well as various protection functions such as over-voltage, under-voltage, overload, short circuit and reverse connection of input polarity. Its inverter efficiency is not less than 85%, with AC bypass function and excellent input / output performance EMI/EMC Indicators, can be equipped RS-232/485 Interface, high reliability.



1. In Africa, work can only be started at night because it is too hot during the day. The small inverter is light and space-saving, which solves a big problem for busy farming and site construction.

2. When there is a sudden power failure in restaurants and outdoor activities, it will not affect our normal progress.

3. When going to remote areas or disaster areas for emergency rescue, it can not only help lighting, but also drive most medical devices, which is very convenient.

4. At ordinary times, you can have a barbecue on the roof or in the field at night, and you don't need to connect the power supply. You can directly bring this inverter to meet many needs. For example, small refrigerators, mobile phones, lighting, etc.



1. High reliability

Due to the dual conversion design, the inverter output has frequency tracking, noise filtering and low distortion

2. High adaptability

Wide input frequency range to realize stable operation of solar generator

3. High and optimal performance of battery

Intelligent battery management technology ensures longer battery life. Advanced constant voltage charging technology can activate the battery to the greatest extent and save cost.

4. Comprehensive and reliable protection

The power on test function can avoid faults and unnecessary hazards.

5. Overall automatic protection and alarm, such as output overload protection.

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1. Before placing an order, we provide you with tested samples.

2. We provide you with spare parts according to the quantity of your order.

3. If you have any questions, we will provide you with online after-sales service.

About after sales service:

a. If the customer is able to repair the product, we can provide spare parts free of charge during the warranty period.

b. If there is no repair capability, the customer can return the problem product to us, and we will replace the new product with the bad product at the next order.


Company profile

Global sunrise Lights Electrical Co., Ltd. is a professional manufacturer in the field of power solutions. Solar integrated inverter, solar household small system, courtyard lamp and decorative lamp are our main products. Our workshop is a complete production system.

1. It has nearly 100 well-trained workers and a perfect production system.

2. Plants, dormitories and office buildings cover an area of 19000 square meters.

3. With strict product quality standards, timely delivery and considerate service.

4. Have their own innovative design R & D team.

5. The concept of green safety is deeply rooted in the hearts of the people.

6. Unique technology.



Q1. What is an inverter?

A: The inverter converts DC energy into current. It consists of inverter bridge, control logic and filter circuit.

Q2. What are the output wave-forms of the inverter?

A: Pure sine wave inverter is divided into pure sine wave inverter and modified sine wave inverter. Pure sine wave inverter can provide high-quality AC power supply and carry various loads, but it has high technical requirements and high cost. The modified sine wave inverter load does not carry inductive load, but the price is moderate.

Q3. How is your service?

A: Customer centered service, improve its service portfolio according to the needs of each customer, because we believe that customer satisfaction is the driving force for the development of the company. Our skilled R & D engineers and customer support team are ready to provide customers with a full range of services.

Q4. Is the quality of your products really up to standard?

A: You have no doubt about this. We pay great attention to quality, "manufacturing reliable products" is the core business foundation of our company. Suns only provides reliable solar products.

Q5. Why does the battery suddenly stop working and the indicator light doesn't light up?

A: 1. Please check whether the battery is faulty and replace it if necessary.

    2. Check whether the positive and negative electrodes are connected correctly.

    3. Check whether the cable is loose. If it is loose, tighten it immediately.

Q6. Why is the service time too short after being fully charged?

A: 1. The power consumption of electrical appliances is greater than the rated load of inverter.

     2. The battery is faulty or damaged.

     3. Poor battery charging.

     4. The current drops when passing through the cable.


Operation Method

At the beginning, it is the preparation before wiring. Before the electrical connection of photovoltaic inverter, it is necessary to ensure that the DC switch of inverter is in "off" state and disconnect the air switch at AC side. Otherwise, the high voltage of the inverter may cause the life danger of counterfeiters. Then, each inverter shall be installed independently - an AC circuit breaker. It is forbidden to share multiple inverters. It is forbidden to connect load between inverter and circuit breaker. It is forbidden to use single core wire at the output end of the inverter.It should be noted that the protective ground wire PE should also be connected. At one point, the protective ground wire PE should be connected. The inverter and the grounding bar should be connected through the protective ground wire PE to achieve the purpose of grounding protection.



As an indispensable daily necessities, we all have a natural fear of electricity more or less. As an electronic product, photovoltaic inverter is composed of multiple devices. When it is connected to the grid for power generation, it is often hundreds of volts, so it must not be careless in operation, otherwise there may be potential safety hazards.

1. It is strictly prohibited to operate and disassemble the inverter at will

The inverter operators shall receive systematic training and be qualified before operating the inverter. Non professional operators are not allowed to operate without authorization. It is forbidden to disassemble, repair and transform the inverter by themselves.

2. Do not damage power wires and cables

Do not step on, screw or pull the cable. Cable damage will cause electric shock, short circuit and fire. In case of burning odor, abnormal sound, abnormal heating, smoking and other abnormal phenomena, close the circuit breaker immediately and contact the inverter manufacturer immediately, otherwise there are dangers such as electric shock and fire.

3. Please place fire extinguishers in the place where the inverter is installed

4. We solemnly remind you that you must read and understand the user manual provided by the photovoltaic inverter manufacturer and be familiar with the relevant safety symbols before installing and commissioning the equipment.


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