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House 3.7V 520Wh Portable Emergency Power Station For Power Outages

House 3.7V 520Wh Portable Emergency Power Station For Power Outages

520Wh Portable Emergency Power Station

8KG Portable Emergency Power Station

House 500w solar generator

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Portable Solar Generators



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Product Details
Portable Solar Generators
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Home Or Outdoor Generator
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Product Description

Portable Emergency Power Station With Solar Panel House Powered Generators


Product Introduction

Place of Origin Zhengzhou ,China
Product Model SRE-P85-500W
Material Aluminum shell + ABS plastic
Product color matching Can be freely match by customers (Quantity required:100pcs)
Number of outer boxes 2sets/carton
Size 408*285*280mm/set
Weight 7.3kg
Capacity 140400mah, 3.7V/520Wh, High Quality Lithium Battery
Build-in battery Li-Battery
Product packing Carrying case or Oblique span
Transport Sea, air and land transportation
Deliver Normal 30 days, detailed discussion according to the actual situation
Shape Desktop
USB Interface Turn on power switch and the press the USB button
IP Grade IP55
Applicable to power outages, outdoor operations, night market electricity, emergency rescue, medical, household energy storage, etc.



The efficiency of inverter refers to the ratio of output power to input power under specified working conditions, expressed as a percentage. The efficiency of inverter will vary greatly due to different loads. The efficiency value of inverter represents its own power loss, which is usually expressed as a percentage. 10kW The actual efficiency of the universal inverter is only 70% ~ 80%, which will bring total power generation when it is used in solar photovoltaic power generation system 20%~30% Power loss. In the design of special inverter for solar photovoltaic power generation system, special attention should be paid to reducing its own power loss and improving the efficiency of the whole machine. This is an important measure to improve the technical and economic indicators of solar photovoltaic power generation system. In terms of overall efficiency, the requirements for special inverter for solar photovoltaic power generation are: the rated load efficiency of inverter below kW level shall not be lower than 85%, low load efficiency shall not be lower than 75%;10kW The rated load efficiency of stage inverter shall not be less than 90%, low load efficiency shall not be lower than 80%. Inverter with large capacity shall also provide full load efficiency value and low load efficiency value. The efficiency of inverter has an important impact on improving the effective power generation and reducing the power generation cost of solar photovoltaic power generation system.



Photovoltaic inverter is mainly composed of semiconductor power adjustment device. These semiconductor materials are the main force to convert DC into AC. not only that, semiconductor devices can also play the role of boost circuit in the circuit and convert the circuit into inverter circuit. By completing these tasks, the semiconductor device can convert the DC voltage provided by the power supply into the AC voltage required for the normal operation of the circuit, and continuously transmit these AC power sources to the circuit through the inverter output device to maintain the work. The conversion of the inverter circuit can make the frequency of the current in the circuit reach the range required for normal operation, so that the current wavelength close to the electrical appliances and working devices is within a certain range, which is convenient for the staff to control the.



1, Petroleum, marine and Meteorological Fields

Cathodic protection solar power supply system for oil pipeline and reservoir gate, domestic and emergency power supply for oil drilling platform, marine detection equipment, meteorological / hydrological observation equipment, etc.

2, Home lamp power supply

Such as courtyard lamp, street lamp, portable lamp, camping lamp, mountaineering lamp, fishing lamp, black light lamp, rubber cutting lamp, energy-saving lamp, etc.

3, Solar building

Combining solar power generation with building materials to make large buildings self-sufficient in electricity is a major development direction in the future.



Complete solution

In cooperation with customers, global sunrise lights electrical Co.Ltd provides suppliers with complete components: from solar panels to batteries, every step is strictly controlled. Regularly collect customers' opinions so that we can provide more customized solutions for customers according to their various requirements.

Professional team

We are founded and managed by an experienced team, and the passion, professionalism and integrity of our employees are recognized. All of our executives have an outstanding background in solar product manufacturing, corporate governance and international marketing. We work together every day for our ideal: to bring better product experience to customers, create a respected brand around the world, and transform the company's business success into employees' professional satisfaction.



Please contact me by email. We will help you in any way possible and strive to reply to all emails within 24-48 hours.

Custom service:

1. Logo Please provide us with your own high-resolution logo in JPG format. There should be at most two colors in the logo, and there should be no gradient effect in the logo.

2. Please provide your own model.

3. Please provide the completed manual documents that can be printed directly.

4. We will provide you with dimensions and design documents. Please design your own style based on this file and send it back to us. We will print some samples for you to check.


1. By express mail, DHL, FedEx, TNT, UPS or other express.

2. By our freight forwarder (air or sea).

3. By your own freight forwarder.


Operation Method

Charging via AC wall charger

Using the supplied AC wall charger, plug the device into any wall socket to charge the device. When the blue LED battery indicator flashes, you will know that the unit is charging. When all battery indicators stop flashing and remain stable, the machine is fully charged. After the machine is fully charged, please remove the AC wall charger in time.



1. Please confirm whether your DC 12V appliance supports charging with a 5.5mm DC head interface (the diameter of the product's DC port is 5.5mm), otherwise you can't connect the DC output. You can consult the appliance manufacturer, buy the corresponding adapter and connect it.

2. When charging, the unit may become hot. This is normal. Handle with care.

3. Do not charge within the required time.

4. Disconnect the device after full charge.

5. Use the device correctly to avoid electric shock.

6. Please dispose of the waste products according to the regulations. Do not dispose of the waste products.

7. The battery is used as domestic waste to avoid explosion and pollution.

8. This product is only used in emergency situations and cannot replace standard DC or AC.

House 3.7V 520Wh Portable Emergency Power Station For Power Outages 0

House 3.7V 520Wh Portable Emergency Power Station For Power Outages 1

House 3.7V 520Wh Portable Emergency Power Station For Power Outages 2

House 3.7V 520Wh Portable Emergency Power Station For Power Outages 3

House 3.7V 520Wh Portable Emergency Power Station For Power Outages 4

Company Profile

Global rising sun lighting company specializes in solar lighting, and solar products have been supplied for more than ten years; Excellent quality and professional service have won a good reputation all over the world; Now we provide a newly designed portable solar power generation system. Different from the traditional solar power generation, each bulb / lamp of this model has a battery, with completely independent power consumption and easy management; High / medium / low power mode can be controlled by push-button switch or remote control. The portable solar kit is specially designed for remote areas, houses far away from the power grid, community power failure or field camping, and provides temporary lighting solutions for garages, shacks, huts, etc.



Q 1. How to install and use solar inverter?

A: We have English teaching manuals and videos; All videos about machine disassembly, assembly and operation will be sent to our customers.

Q2. Do you provide customized services? What are the specific requirements?

A: Of course, we provide OEM services. After placing an order, you tell me your needs or ideas. We will design unique products for you, and we will keep your ideas absolutely confidential.

Q3. Do you have the ability to produce independently?

A: Yes, we have our own production workshop, and the employees are very skilled in operation to ensure the quality and quantity of products. Urgent orders are also OK.

Q4. Where can I use the system?

A: You can use this system at home, power stations, border areas, etc., because the grid power in these places is more expensive.

Q 5. How long is your warranty period?

A: We provide 1-3 years warranty for different products and provide technical support.

Q6. Will it be difficult to install? What if I can't operate?

A: The installation of this portable solar inverter is very simple. Just connect the solar panel to the controller, and then press the on / off button to start working. If there is still no solution, you can contact the specialist to show or send the operation video for you.

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