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Household Solar Generator Power Camping 1KW RoHS Portable Solar Power Station

Household Solar Generator Power Camping 1KW RoHS Portable Solar Power Station

RoHS portable Household Solar Generator

1KW Solar Generator

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global sunrise lights



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Product Details
Model NO.:
Portable Solar Generators SRF-2032
Transport Package:
Battery Capacity: 1048WH
Zhengzhou China
HS Code:
Shenzhen, China
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A Lifetime
A Year
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Product Description

Household Solar Generator Power Camping 1KW RoHS Portable Solar Power Station

Characteristics of the solar charger:

The efficiency of inverter refers to the ratio of output power to input power under specified working conditions, expressed as a percentage. The efficiency of inverter will vary greatly due to different loads. The efficiency value of inverter represents its own power loss, which is usually expressed as a percentage. 10kW The actual efficiency of the universal inverter is only 70% ~ 80%, which will bring total power generation when it is used in solar photovoltaic power generation system 20%~30% Power loss. In the design of special inverter for solar photovoltaic power generation system, special attention should be paid to reducing its own power loss and improving the efficiency of the whole machine. This is an important measure to improve the technical and economic indicators of solar photovoltaic power generation system.


Product Introduction about SRE-2032:

Place of Origin Shenzhen,China
Product Model SRE-2032
Material Aluminum shell + ABS plastic
Product color matching Can be freely match by customers (Quantity required:100pcs)
Number of outer boxes 2sets/carton
Size 408*285*280mm/set
Weight 7.3kg
Capacity 140400mah, 3.7V/520Wh, High Quality Lithium Battery
Build-in battery LiFePO4
Product packing Carrying case or Oblique span
Transport Sea, air and land transportation
Deliver Normal 30 days, detailed discussion according to the actual situation


Theory about solar panel:

This product adopts high-quality original lithium-ion battery, which has no memory effect, large capacity and durability. However, we still recommend that you use it in the range of 10 C ~ 30 C to obtain the best charging capacity. When charging, keep away from TV, radio, etc. to avoid interference.

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1,Petroleum, marine and Meteorological Fields

Cathodic protection solar power supply system for oil pipeline and reservoir gate, domestic and emergency power supply for oil drilling platform, marine detection equipment, meteorological / hydrological observation equipment, etc.

2,Home lamp power supply

Such as courtyard lamp, street lamp, portable lamp, camping lamp, mountaineering lamp, fishing lamp, black light lamp, rubber cutting lamp, energy-saving lamp, etc.

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Advantage/Selling points:

The shell of this product is made of aluminum. The aluminum alloy frame not only has high durability, wide application range and good decorative effect, but also has good strength and mechanical properties in low temperature environment. The overall design is humanized, the outer frame is beautiful and generous, and the four corners are arc angles, which can effectively prevent sharp corners from scratching people. And it's very light. It's very optional when you go out, whether it's portable or diagonal.

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Please contact me by email. We will help you in any way possible and strive to reply to all emails within 24-48 hours.

Custom service:

1. Logo Please provide us with your own high-resolution logo in JPG format. There should be at most two colors in the logo, and there should be no gradient effect in the logo.

2. Please provide your own model.

3. Please provide the completed manual documents that can be printed directly.



Q 1. Why is your quotation higher than other suppliers?

A: In the domestic market, high and low inverter brands are mixed together. In fact, many low-cost frequency converters are small unlicensed workshops for assembly. They are shoddy. In order to reduce costs and use substandard parts for assembly, there are great potential safety hazards! In order to protect personal and property safety, please don't be greedy for low prices. You must choose a reliable frequency converter!

Q2. Is the output voltage of our inverter stable?

A: Of course. Our inverter adopts a good regulation circuit. You can even check when measuring the true value with a multi-meter. In fact, the output voltage is quite stable. Here we need to make a special explanation: many customers find that the traditional multi-meter is unstable when measuring voltage. We can say that the operation is wrong. Ordinary multi-meter can only test pure sinusoidal waveform and calculate data.

Q3. Do you have the ability to produce independently?

A: Yes, we have our own production workshop, and the employees are very skilled in operation to ensure the quality and quantity of products. Urgent orders are also OK.

Q4. Where can I use the system?

A: You can use this system at home, power stations, border areas, etc., because the grid power in these places is more expensive.



1. Do not short circuit the device. To avoid short circuits, keep the unit away from all metals

Items (such as coins, hairpins, keys, etc.).

2. Do not heat the machine or treat it in fire, water or other liquids. Keep away from high temperature.

3. Keep away from high humidity and dusty places.

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