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FCC Painted Matte Blue Solar Hen House Lighting Kit With 5 Meter Cable

FCC Painted Matte Blue Solar Hen House Lighting Kit With 5 Meter Cable

FCC solar hen house lighting kit

IP55 solar hen house lighting kit

SRE683 solar panel lighting kit

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Solar Light Kits



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Product Details
Solar Home Lighting System
2 Years
IP Rating:
Painted Matte
Packing Size:
19.5 KG
Packing Quantity:
Lead Time:
15 Days (1 - 1000 Pieces) To Be Negotiated ( > 1000 Pieces)
Product Description

Solar House Light Kits 3 PCS Portable LED Bulbs Radio Lights With Solar Panel


Product Introduction


Product Parameter


Solar Decoration LED Lights


Model No. SRE-683
Solar Panel 3W/6V With 5 Meter Cable
Battery 8000mah Battery



Operating temperature 0~40℃
IP Rating IP55
Certificate CE, FCC, RoHS
Color Green,Red,Blue,Yellow,Black
Warranty 2 Years



Packing Quantity 6PCS
Packing Size Carton/Box
Size 49.5*40.5*46CM
G.W 18KG




First of all, it has a rechargeable battery of solar panels and a power generation kit of solar power generation system, which can not only store power in the battery, but also charge mobile phones and LED lights. Secondly, it is equipped with multiple output ports, of which two 5V USB sockets can meet the use of small capacity devices such as tablet computers, mobile phones and fans; The other four 3.7V ports meet the needs of LED lights. In addition, there are 8000mah rechargeable lithium batteries to create a green life. In addition, its volume is small. When traveling, camping, exploration and hunting, it will not bring too much burden to its own luggage. You can also listen to music and radio channels during the journey to make the process more colorful.



As the name suggests, during the day, the solar panel absorbs solar light energy and converts it into electric energy, which is stored in the battery, and then the battery supplies power to the street lamps at night. So we connect the solar panel with this small system, and we can use it according to the instructions. It is both power-saving and environmental protection, which is very worthy of our praise.



1. In areas where electricity is scarce, the problem of children studying at night can be solved, and the problem of electricity at home has also been effectively solved.

2. It is an ideal choice for hiking, farming, fishing or any place without electric field

3. When we need an active atmosphere in the suburbs, we can connect our mobile phones or directly turn on the speakers to enjoy the pleasure of sound and add color to the trip.

FCC Painted Matte Blue Solar Hen House Lighting Kit With 5 Meter Cable 0

FCC Painted Matte Blue Solar Hen House Lighting Kit With 5 Meter Cable 1

FCC Painted Matte Blue Solar Hen House Lighting Kit With 5 Meter Cable 2

FCC Painted Matte Blue Solar Hen House Lighting Kit With 5 Meter Cable 3


1. We have professional customer service online at any time, so that you can have a better purchase experience.

2. The independent production workshop is a strong backing to effectively ensure the quality of products. We also have experienced technicians to meet all your expectations for products.

3. We will provide a one-stop service. From the moment you become our customer, we will establish customer files, provide one-to-one services, and protect your privacy from disclosure.


Operation Method

First of all, our small system is equipped with two charging methods, one is through the solar panel, and the other is through the AC adapter. When charging the solar panel, be sure to find a sunny place so that it can fully absorb the sunlight and achieve the effect of power storage. After charging, it can be used. First connect the solar panel, then turn on the switch of the small system, and then operate according to your own needs.



1. In order to have a good sense of product experience, we suggest that you be familiar with the product introduction before operating.

2. If the equipment does not need to run for a long time, make sure it is turned off.

3. Opening the panel and battery is a dangerous behavior. Please don't try it easily.

4. Keep it in a safe area and be sure to stay away from dangerous goods. For example, flammable and explosive materials. 5. When you don't use it often, be sure to charge it regularly.

6. Its temperature is about 0-40℃.


Company Profile

Global sunrise Lights Electrical Co., Ltd. was established in Zhengzhou, Henan Province, China in 2012. Nearly ten years of foreign trade experience has laid a solid foundation for our company and products. Solar lights series is our main product, which is deeply loved by various countries. Multiple repurchase is our iron signboard, so we are famous at home and abroad. Street lamps, mosquito repellent lamps, garden lamps, decorative lamps, household lamps and small system series are the best-selling products. We rely on professional development and management team to produce first-class products, constantly update on the basis of original products, build our well-known brand and open a sunshine Avenue for our cooperation.




Q: Are you a manufacturer or a trading company?

A: We are an enterprise integrating production and trade.

Q: What are your main products?

A: We focus on solar lamp series, mainly including street lamp, courtyard lamp, shed lamp and household lamp products.

Q: Can I take a sample?

We are happy to provide samples. If you are interested in any of them, please let us know your specific inquiry and we will quote for you immediately.

Q: Do you offer guarantee for this solar lights?

A: Yes, we offer 1 or 2 years warranty to our products.


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