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OEM Multifunction Radio DC15V Solar Light Kits 37*31.5*55.5CM

OEM Multifunction Radio DC15V Solar Light Kits 37*31.5*55.5CM

Radio DC15V Solar Light Kits

OEM DC15V Solar Light Kits

OEM diy solar light kit 55.5CM

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Solar Light Kits



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Product Details
Solar Light Kits
Model No.:
Charging Time:
6-7 Hrs
Mobile Phone Cable
Solar Panel Or DC 15V
37*31.5*55.5 CM
Packing Quantity:
6 PCS / Carton
Product Description

Radio Solar Light Kits With Solar Panel 8000mah Battery Solar System


Product Introduction


Product Parameter


Solar Light Kits


Model No. SRE-683
Solar Panel 3W/6V With 5 Meter Cable
Battery 8000mah Battery



Operating temperature 0~40℃
IP Rating IP55
Certificate CE, FCC, RoHS
Color Green,Red,Blue,Yellow,Black
Warranty 2 Years



Packing Quantity 6PCS
Packing Size Carton/Box
Size 37*31.5*55.5CM
G.W 17.5KG



Global sunrise lights is an exclusive solar portable lighting system with radio. This solar generator portable solar power generation system kit includes power battery pack, solar panel, LED bulb and multifunctional USB cable. Therefore, a portable kit for lighting, music and charging power supply is provided, and the wall mounted switch is designed to control each chandelier separately. More useful is its own motion sensor light with safety mode, which can effectively save power and remind you of passers-by.



Solar panels are mainly charged by sunlight, which uses the volt effect principle of solar cells. During the day, photovoltaic panels convert light energy into electric energy and store it in the battery. At night, the battery provides power to the DC lamp load.



· Home Lighting (Reading or emergency lighting )

· Outdoor Lighting (Camping or hiking )

· Listen to music or FM ,you can use it as a MP3

· Charge your phone or camera 


Advantage of the Solar System

· Solar photovoltaic power generation, energy saving and environmental protection

· Long service life, good lighting effect, suitable for a variety of scenes.

· Solar light green environmental protection

· Solar light is safety,no accidents such as electric shock, fire, etc

· The light source is renewable energy and can be used for a long time

OEM Multifunction Radio DC15V Solar Light Kits 37*31.5*55.5CM 0

OEM Multifunction Radio DC15V Solar Light Kits 37*31.5*55.5CM 1

OEM Multifunction Radio DC15V Solar Light Kits 37*31.5*55.5CM 2



OEM Multifunction Radio DC15V Solar Light Kits 37*31.5*55.5CM 3


Operation Method

· The first is the precautions for power charging:

1. Be sure to fully charge the battery before use (if the red light is on, it indicates that the battery is being charged, and if the indicator light turns green and remains bright, it indicates that the battery is fully charged)

2. It has four different brightness: 100% brightness, 75% brightness, 100% brightness and 25% brightness.

3. It can be directly connected to mobile phone, iPad, MP4 and other electronic devices and charged through standard USB cable.

4. Insert the equipped LED bulb into any hole of DC1 ~ DC4, and then turn on the bulb switch, it will be very bright.

· The second is the precautions for charging solar panels:

In the process of charging the solar panel, first insert the solar panel into the DC charger, and then find a sunny place to place the solar panel. There must be no shelter to cover the solar panel. If you want to use AC charging, be sure to connect the solar lamp DC charger to the adapter DC, and finally connect the 220 VAC charger, which can be used normally.



1. We can answer your questions about products quickly and effectively. Such as product details, price, transportation and packaging.

2. You can rest assured that we have our own R & D personnel and team, and have our own independent factory, which can ensure the quality of products.

3. We provide customized services, which can create more comfortable products for you according to your ideas and designs. d. We will protect your sales area and personal information throughout the process.

5. We provide full order tracking service to escort your products.

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Q: Are you a manufacturer or a trading company?

A: We are an enterprise integrating production and trade.

Q: What are your main products?

A: We focus on solar lamp series, mainly including street lamp, courtyard lamp, shed lamp and household lamp products.

Q: Can I take a sample?

A: We are happy to provide samples. If you are interested in any of them, please let us know your specific inquiry and we will quote for you immediately.

Q: Do you offer guarantee for this solar lights?

A: Yes, we offer 1 or 2 years warranty to our products. 


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