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IP55 DC15V Led Solar Camping Lights 49.5*40.5*46CM Solar Fishing Lights

IP55 DC15V Led Solar Camping Lights 49.5*40.5*46CM Solar Fishing Lights

DC15V Led Solar Camping Lights

IP55 Led Solar Camping Lights

46CM Solar Fishing Lights

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Portable Solar Camping Light



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Product Details
Portable Solar Camping Light
Model No.:
IP Rating:
Color Temperature:
Pure White
LED Bulbs:
5W/*3PCS With 3 Meter Cable
Mobile Phone Cable
Solar Panel Or DC 15V
Radio /FM / MP3/ Tent Lighting
Product Description

Portable LED Solar Camping Light 3 PCS 5W LED Tent Light Bulbs


Quick Details


Product Parameter

Name Solar Light Kits
Model No. SRE-685
Solar Panel 5W/6V With 5 Meter Cable
Battery 8000mah Battery



Operating temperature 0~40℃
IP Rating IP55
Certificate API, ISO, CB, CE
Color Green,Red,Blue,Yellow,Black
Warranty 1 Years



Packing Quantity 6PCS
Packing Size Carton/Box
Size 49.5*40.5*46CM
G.W 19KG



Global sunrise lights is an exclusive solar portable lighting system with radio. This solar generator portable solar power generation system kit includes power battery pack, solar panel, LED bulb and multifunctional USB cable. Therefore, a portable kit for lighting, music and charging power supply is provided, and the wall mounted switch is designed to control each chandelier separately. More useful is its own motion sensor light with safety mode, which can effectively save power and remind you of passers-by.


Portable Camping Light  Advantage

Energy saving: Solar energy is used to provide electric energy, which is inexhaustible and inexhaustible.
Safety: no accidents such as electric shock, fire, etc.
Long life: The product has high technology content, the control system and accessories are all intelligently designed, and the quality is reliable.
Less investment: The light source of the solar lamp is renewable energy and can be used for a long time.



Solar energy is a renewable energy precipitated from the sun. There are many ways to capture solar energy. Solar panels are one of the most popular ways to convert sunlight into renewable electricity. Realize a green life, low-carbon life and a better life in which every household can use electricity.



1. In areas where electricity is scarce, the problem of children studying at night can be solved, and the problem of electricity at home has also been effectively solved.
2. It is an ideal choice for hiking, farming, fishing or any place without electric field
3. When we need an active atmosphere in the suburbs, we can connect our mobile phones or directly turn on the speakers to enjoy the pleasure of sound and add color to the trip.


Operation Method

First of all, our small system is equipped with two charging methods, one is through the solar panel, and the other is through the AC adapter. When charging the solar panel, be sure to find a sunny place so that it can fully absorb the sunlight and achieve the effect of power storage. After charging, it can be used. First connect the solar panel, then turn on the switch of the small system, and then operate according to your own needs.

IP55 DC15V Led Solar Camping Lights 49.5*40.5*46CM Solar Fishing Lights 0


IP55 DC15V Led Solar Camping Lights 49.5*40.5*46CM Solar Fishing Lights 1


1. Good customer service. We keep the process transparent and provide you with the latest information at every step of the process.
2. Good energy cost control can be achieved. With the solar system, we see more hope in the future.
3. Strong customer tracking service.
4. Professional foreign trade salesman.



Q1. Are you a factory or a trading company?
A: Of course, we are a factory and provide OEM / ODM services.
Q2. Can you accept OEM service?
A: Yes, we can customize it. We will serve every customer wholeheartedly, meet your requirements and produce products to your satisfaction.
Q3. How about your after-sales service?
A: Warranty period: one year, solar panel 10 years
Spare parts: 1% of spare parts will be shipped with the order.
Q4. What are your payment terms?
A: We accept telegraphic transfer and Western Union transfer
Q5. What certificates do you have?
A: We have CE, MSDS and IEC reports.
If you have a large order, it will be certified or reported according to your needs.
Q6. How many days is the delivery time?
A: 1. Samples shall be delivered within 3-5 days.
2. The order will be delivered within 15-25 days.
Q7. Which port carries the goods?
A: Shenzhen, Zhongshan.


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