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Garden 8000mah 9W*3PCS Solar Light Kits With FM Radio

Garden 8000mah 9W*3PCS Solar Light Kits With FM Radio

9W*3PCS Solar Light Kits

Garden 8000mah Solar Light Kits

ROHS solar home lighting kit

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Solar Home Lighting System



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Product Details
Solar Light Kits
Model No.:
LED Bulbs:
9W/*3PCS With 3 Meter Cable
Mobile Phone Cable
Red / Yellow / Black / Green
Size (CM):
15.5 KG
Power Shortage Areas Lighting
Product Description

Solar Light Kits With FM Radio 8000mah Battery Lignting System


Product Introduction

Solar Home Lighting System 
Output Type
Transport Package
HS Code
Package size per unit product
After-sales Service:
A Lifetime
Solar Panel
IP Rating
Garden,Street,household, lawn, shed, Christmas, Wall, etc.



Solar Powered LED Lights are charging by sunlight, using the principle of volt effect of solar cells, solar cells absorb solar photon energy during the day, and charge the battery pack through the controller, and at night the battery provides power to the DC lamp load
Solar Powered LED Lights are designed for remote areas, houses far away from grid power,scenarios like black out in the community area,or camping in the wild, temporary lighting solutions for garage, shed, cabin, etc.



When the light shines on the surface of the solar cell, some photons are absorbed by the silicon material; The energy of photons is transferred to silicon atoms, making electrons migrate and become free electrons. They gather on both sides of the p-n junction to form a potential difference. When the external circuit is connected, under the action of this voltage, a current will flow through the external circuit to produce a certain output power. The essence of this process is: the process of converting photon energy into electrical energy.



This product is equipped with status indicator, mobile phone light, USB adapter for charging small electronic equipment, multi position lighting selection, etc. it is suitable for home lighting, indoor and outdoor lighting such as camping and gathering, building yurts and tents, and driving by drivers. It can achieve the effects of more safety, stability, efficiency, energy saving and environmental protection.


Selling Points

Most of our solar home lighting system products have obtained CE, FCC, UL and PCE certificates, which can meet the import needs of most countries.
1. When it's sunny, you can use it anywhere.
2. The operation is simple and the installation is very easy.
3. Not only the design is beautiful, but also safe and reliable, with long service life.

Garden 8000mah 9W*3PCS Solar Light Kits With FM Radio 0

Garden 8000mah 9W*3PCS Solar Light Kits With FM Radio 1

Garden 8000mah 9W*3PCS Solar Light Kits With FM Radio 2

Garden 8000mah 9W*3PCS Solar Light Kits With FM Radio 3



Our excellent solar service solutions and in solar lamp manufacturing make us stand out. While providing solar services, we also provide in-house manufacturing services and provide sufficient customer support. Therefore, we are not only saving the environment, but also participating in the contribution of national development. We also have the best after-sales service, with a warranty period of 1-2 years, covering 63 countries and regions around the world.



1. Q: What are the terms of payment?
A: 30% of the deposit is used to start production and 70% of the balance is used for delivery.
2. Q: What is the minimum order quantity?
A: Reasonable minimum order quantity. Any number can give you better support at the beginning.
3. Q: Who are we?
A: Headquartered in Henan, China, we have been selling to South Asia (70.00%), domestic market (20.00%) and Southeast Asia (10.00%) since 2012. There are about 50-160 people in our office.
4. Q: How many years can solar panels generate electricity?
A: The solar panels sold today never stop generating electricity. Although some wiring may need to be upgraded in the next few years, in the years after the end of the warranty period, the distribution frame is still useful for more than 40 years and generations, and the output is minimized.
5. Q: What are the functions of this product?
A: Bluetooth, audio, MP3, charging port, etc.
6. Q:  How to deal with orders for solar lights?
A:First let us know your requirements or applications, we will quote according to your requirements or our suggestions. After the customer confirms the sample and confirms that the deposit is placed for the formal order, we will arrange production.


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