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IP65 8000mah Portable Solar Camping Light Rechargeable solar powered reading lamp

IP65 8000mah Portable Solar Camping Light Rechargeable solar powered reading lamp

IP65 Portable Solar Camping Light

Portable Solar Camping Light Rechargeable

8000mah solar powered reading lamp

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Portable Solar Camping Light



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Product Details
Portable Solar Camping Light
Model No.:
Battery Type:
Rechargeable Battery
Switch Type:
Push-button Switch
Red / Green / Yellow / Black
ABS + Plastic
Power Source:
Mobile Phone Cable
Product Description

Portable Solar Camping Light 8000mah Battery Lights With Solar Panel

Product Introduction

Model SRE-6815
Product Name Portable Solar Camping Light
LED Bulb 3pcs of 3W
Usage Emergency, camping, reading
Controller Type Switch
OEM Order Acceptable
Protection IP65
Sample Lead Time 3-5 days
Colors 5 Colors
Cross weight per unit product 19KG

Packaging accessories

3 hanging lights

1 solar panel

1 control box

USB adapter



Solar power generation has realized the vision of clean and environmental protection. The system can be used for home lighting and outdoor lighting. It integrates the traditional solar power generation system into a system convenient for end users to use directly. The system integrates the central part of the solar controller and battery in the solar photovoltaic power generation system, combined with humanized and concise operation interface, so that the applicable group of this product can be easily assembled and used from the original professionals to ordinary users who do not understand technology. Suitable environment and use: remote areas, mountainous areas, desert areas, grassland areas, villages, camping, outdoor activities, tourism, night lighting. Moreover, its power supply reliability is close to 100% and can be fully used under most meteorological conditions. Moreover, the equipment maintenance and management is simple and convenient, and the operation cost is also very low.



Solar cell is a device that responds to light and can convert light energy into electricity. There are many kinds of materials that can produce photovoltaic effect, such as mono-crystalline silicon, poly-crystalline silicon, amorphous silicon, gallium arsenide, selenium indium copper, etc. Our products use mono-crystalline silicon. When light shines on the surface of solar cells, some photons are absorbed by silicon materials; The energy of photons is transferred to silicon atoms, making electrons transition and become free electrons. They gather on both sides of the p-n junction to form a potential difference. When the external circuit is connected, under the action of this voltage, a current will flow through the external circuit to produce a certain output power.



1. Artwork lighting

2. Connect the charging interface of mobile phone, MP3, etc

3. High quality panel ensures high efficiency and long life

4. It can be directly used for home lighting, and can save more than 80% energy compared with standard incandescent bulbs

5. As corporate gifts and holiday gifts are good, we will design flexibly according to customers' needs.



1. No power is used to save power operation cost.

2. Simple maintenance, safe use and no electric shock accident.

3. Very energy-saving, directly converted into electric energy through sunlight.

4. Solar lamps are environmentally friendly, pollution-free and radiation-free. The installation is simple, there is no fear of power failure and power restriction, and it can be used in places without power.

5. Long service life, strong luminous efficiency, high-efficiency energy-saving lamp light source, long-term durability.

6. No need to pay electricity, low operation and maintenance costs.

IP65 8000mah Portable Solar Camping Light Rechargeable solar powered reading lamp 0

IP65 8000mah Portable Solar Camping Light Rechargeable solar powered reading lamp 1

IP65 8000mah Portable Solar Camping Light Rechargeable solar powered reading lamp 2

IP65 8000mah Portable Solar Camping Light Rechargeable solar powered reading lamp 3



1. We promise to reply to customers' inquiries within 24 hours and add your other contact information in time.

2. Each product goes through strict manufacturing management process to ensure product quality or quality.

3. We always adhere to the highest principle and take technical support as the basis. Help customers win good satisfaction and good business.

4. If you have any questions, please contact us immediately and we will try our best to help you.


Operation Method

Charging products such as mobile phones:

Place the light receiving surface of the solar charger in a place with sunlight, and face the best angle (direct sunlight to the light receiving surface), connect the USB port of the data cable to the USB port of the solar charger, and connect the other end of the data cable to the charging interface of the charging mobile phone. The charging time of different mobile phones depends on the light intensity and the capacity of the mobile phone battery.

Suggestion: Use the original data cable of the mobile phone to achieve better



1. Please do not scratch the surface of the solar panel with sharp objects

2. When charging the charger with solar energy, please place the solar panel upward in direct sunlight to ensure the best charging effect

3. Please do not place the charger outdoors on rainy days

4. Please do not let the small system under the condition of too high temperature and easy explosion, which will affect the service life of the product.


Company Profile

With the development of science and technology and the basic concept of energy conservation, global sunrise Lights Electrical Co., Ltd. has created a green home for the world. The existing products have been exported to Southeast Asia, Europe, North America, South America, the Middle East and other countries and regions, and are deeply loved by users. We continue to pursue the goal of basing ourselves on the south, facing the whole country and radiating the whole world.

Good products and customized services are based on:

(1) Professional knowledge is combined with original spirit and practical experience.

(2) There is a R&D team to reply in time and deliver goods on time.



Q1. How long have you had foreign trade experience?

A: We have been doing export business for nearly four or five years and have developed customers and business opportunities in many countries. You can trust us 100%.

Q2. How about the quality of your products?

A: Ensure high quality and high performance. We provide high-quality and high-performance solar home lighting products, and attach great importance to quality control.

Q3. At this special time, what if I want to visit the factory?

A: We can make video calls online and take you to visit the factory remotely.

Q4. Can we design our own packaging?

A: Of course, we will try our best to export standard packaging or special packaging according to your requirements. Of course, except for some special cases.

Q5. Can we become agents?

A: Of course, we welcome you to join us and provide you with convenient conditions and more favorable prices. You can become an agent even if you have no ideas or have no connection with the industry. We will provide you with all relevant information and try our best to serve you.


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