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20W 5V Mono Panel 52SMD LED Portable Solar Bulbs With Battery On Grid Solar System

20W 5V Mono Panel 52SMD LED Portable Solar Bulbs With Battery On Grid Solar System

52SMD LED Portable Solar Bulbs

20W 5V Mono Panel Portable Solar Bulbs

OEM solar bulb with battery

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Portable Solar Bulbs



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Product Details
Portable Solar Bulbs
Model No.:
Solar Panel:
20W / 5V Mono Solar Panel
Garden / Street / Outdoor Camping
5200mah Li-battery
Color Temperature:
Pure White
Green / White / Yellow
Product Description

New Portable Solar Bulbs For Emergency Lighting 5200mah Battery Flashlight


Product Introduction

Model SRE-98G-4
Product Type Solar Power light
Transport Package Cool Carton
Solar Panel 25w
Battery 5200MAH Lithium Battery
Production Capacity 500/Day
Condition New
Origin Zhengzhou,China
Light Type LED
Technician Painted Matte
LED Chip Qty 52SMD
Solar Panel Mono solar panel
Lamp Body Material Plastic



1. Its battery is a high-power long-life battery, which not only has strong power storage capacity, but also has excellent lighting effect.

2. It is equipped with LED bulbs with high temperature resistance, wear resistance and ultra-high brightness.

3. Easy to replace lithium-ion battery can ensure recycling.

4. LED lighting and USB port mobile charging in one device.

5. The battery has overcharge and discharge protection.

6. Simple operation, just plug and play.



The main principle of photovoltaic power generation is the photoelectric effect of semiconductors. Silicon atoms have four outer electrons. If pure silicon is doped with atoms with five outer electrons, such as phosphorus atoms, it becomes an n-type semiconductor; If pure silicon is doped with atoms with three outer electrons, such as boron atoms, p-type semiconductors are formed. When p-type and n-type are combined together, the contact surface will form a potential difference and become a solar cell. When the sunlight irradiates the p-n junction, the holes move from the P pole region to the N pole region, and the electrons move from the N pole region to the P pole region to form a current.



1. Unique design.

2. Environmentally friendly materials.

3. Any color matching and packaging design.

4. Easy to use, safe and energy-saving.

20W 5V Mono Panel 52SMD LED Portable Solar Bulbs With Battery On Grid Solar System 0

20W 5V Mono Panel 52SMD LED Portable Solar Bulbs With Battery On Grid Solar System 1

20W 5V Mono Panel 52SMD LED Portable Solar Bulbs With Battery On Grid Solar System 2



1. We will answer your questions as quickly as possible.

2. Samples and trial orders are available.

3. OEM and ODM projects are very welcome. We have a R & D team, which will design the effect you need according to your requirements.

4. Please rest assured that your business relationship with us will be kept confidential to any third party.


Operation Method

1. Connect the control solar panel and the bulb, and the bulb can work normally.

2. Place the solar panel flat where there is no shelter to ensure that the solar energy can be charged.

3. Put the lamp in the place you want, such as home, farmland, pond, mountain, etc.

4. Remove the protective film on the solar panel. Press the on / off button to turn it on and it will work normally.



1. Please fully charge the equipment in the sun before first use.

2. If the solar energy is not used within 3 months, the battery may be completely exhausted and the battery life will be shortened. Please charge it in time.

3. If there is not enough sunlight, especially in northern countries, it may take longer to fully charge. This is normal for solar products.

4. Due to the difference of light and screen, the color of the item may be slightly different from the picture.

5. Due to manual measurement, please allow a difference of 0.5-2 cm.

20W 5V Mono Panel 52SMD LED Portable Solar Bulbs With Battery On Grid Solar System 3


Company Profile

Global sunrise Lights Electrical Co., Ltd., founded in 2012 and located in Zhengzhou, Henan, China, is a professional manufacturer of sun lamps. The products are widely used in remote areas, mountains, fishing, decoration, outdoor activities, etc. in recent years, our company has developed a large number of new products, because almost every month we design new products according to the needs of customers to meet the needs of each customer.



Q 1. How do you guarantee your products?

A: Our products have a 24 month warranty period. If you encounter any problems during use, you can contact our staff in time.

Q 2. How would you control the quality of your products?

A: We have three quality control processes:

1. It's IQC. We check 20% of each component, match the components, and check whether they are normal,

2. For IPQC, solve the quality problems in daily production, process audit and incoming inspection.

3. Finished product cutting inspection, check 20% and whether each finished product is qualified.

When we start ordering, I can send you some videos, and then you can check how we conduct quality control.

Q3. What if the light brightness drops or is completely turned off?

A: It is proved that the power of solar cells is not enough to support normal lighting, so it is necessary to charge sunlight for 2-3 times. Especially in winter, the sunlight intensity is far lower than the standard sunlight (1000kW / m2), and it may take longer to charge.

Q4. What is the concept of your company?

A: We focus on providing innovative products with month by month quality and high-quality service to ensure the satisfaction of our customers.

Q 5. What is your signature product?

A: We only pay attention to the lights! It mainly uses household lamps, lawn lamps, courtyard lamps, Christmas lamps, mosquito repellent lamps and other solar lamps. No matter which set you buy, it is very valuable.

Q 6. What kind of customers and companies do you work with?

A: We have many years of export experience and provide services to more than 1000 customers, such as retailers, wholesalers and online store owners.

Q 7. Why do our customers choose us?

A: The reply time is less than 12 hours. Delivery time > 99%. Quality control > 99%, after-sales service > 99%, 100% quality control inspection, and then timely delivery.

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