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5200mah Li Battery Solar Panel Led Lighting System With Separate Panel

5200mah Li Battery Solar Panel Led Lighting System With Separate Panel

5200mah Solar Panel Led Lighting System

ROHS Solar Panel Led Lighting System

11Hrs solar garden lights with separate panel

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Portable Solar Camping Light



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Product Details
Portable Solar Camping Light
Model No.:
5200mah Li-battery
Work Time:
11-30 Hrs
HS Code:
Light Source:
Led Light
After Charging ,bulbs Can Took Anywhere For Lighting
Product Description

Solar Panel Led Lighting System 3 PCS 5200mah Li-Battery Bulbs


Product Introduction

Product name SRE-88G-2
Key words Solar Panel Lighting System Kit 25W Home Camping Outdoor Solar System
Production Capacity 5000/Day
Bulb Type LED
Lighting period >10
Charging Type Rechargeable
Power Supply Solar Cell
Solar Panel 10W
Trademark OEM
Battery 5200mah Lithium Battery build-in each lamp
Light Source 2pcs*3W(12pcs/led lamp)
Remark After charging bulbs can took to anywhere for lighting, different color of bulbs for choice



This product has the characteristics of long service life. The design service life is 10-15 years. When the battery capacity decays, it only needs to replace the old battery to continue to use. (suggestion: replace every five years) because the lampshade imported from Japan is used, it is brighter than other bulbs. Each lamp can meet the indoor lighting requirements of 30-35m. It is a great blessing for areas with extreme power shortage. It is easier to solve the problem of power shortage and ideal power reserve. Moreover, the humanized design can remove the lamp from the connector and take it to any place you want to obtain, which is very convenient.



Sunlight is a kind of radiation with wave particle duality. When the sunlight shines on the material, it can transfer the energy carried by the solar photons to the electrons, so that the electrons have higher energy (which can be compared with the phenomenon that the mother ball hits other balls and makes other balls move when playing billiards). If the material irradiated by sunlight is connected with the equipment requiring energy supply, high-energy electrons can be released through the external circuit, that is, to provide electric energy for the outside world. This is the power generation principle of solar cells. It can be compared to hydro-power: the sun irradiates the earth to complete the water cycle on the earth, and circulates the water at the lower part to the higher part through the way of water vapor rain, from which it forms a surging river. The construction of hydro-power stations in the lower reaches of the river can turn the potential energy carried by water rushing from high into electric energy.



1. In case of power failure in the community, it can be used as an emergency light.

2. For some areas far away from the power grid and where there is no condition to use electricity, this portable power generation lighting system will help you solve great problems. You can enjoy it for life at one consumption.

3. When the crops are mature, the danger of pulling wire net lighting at night is solved, and the small light bulb can be used alone, which gives more comfort to the busy farming.

4. Reconstruction after natural disasters, such as tsunami, debris flow and fire.

5. The remote control and buttons can be operated easily to release your legs even if you are far away.


Product Advantage

1. Long service life: the product has high scientific and technological content. The control system is an international brand, intelligent design and reliable quality.

2. High taste: scientific and technological products and green energy. Users pay attention to science and technology, improve green image and grade.

3. Less investment: one-time investment is equivalent to AC (AC investment starts from substation, incoming power, control box, cable and project), which can be used once and for a long time.

4. Widely applicable: solar energy is natural, so it can be used anywhere with sunshine. It is especially suitable for green landscape lighting equipment, senior residential and outdoor lighting, scenic spot coastal landscape lighting and decoration, industrial development zones, industrial and mining enterprise street lights, and outdoor lighting of universities.

5200mah Li Battery Solar Panel Led Lighting System With Separate Panel 0

5200mah Li Battery Solar Panel Led Lighting System With Separate Panel 1

5200mah Li Battery Solar Panel Led Lighting System With Separate Panel 2

5200mah Li Battery Solar Panel Led Lighting System With Separate Panel 3

5200mah Li Battery Solar Panel Led Lighting System With Separate Panel 4


1. Support customer logo and brand printing.

2. Let you get the best and most reasonable price

3. All questions related to our products will be answered within 10 hours.

4. Fast delivery time and good after-sales service.

5. Strict quality control: 100% quality control inspection before shipment;

6. Product warranty period: 24 months.


Company Profile

Adhering to the business philosophy of "creating benefits for the society, creating value for customers and creating opportunities for employees", we are committed to providing customers with the best energy-saving and environmental protection power solutions. Focusing on solar photovoltaic technology, we have successfully developed a series of industry-leading products, which are exported to Europe, America, Africa, the Middle East and other countries. We have a professional team with rich design experience to produce markets and services. It is a manufacturer and supplier of solar lamps headquartered in China. With rich technical force, advanced production equipment and modern management, the company is worthy of trust.



Q 1. What should we do if we have quality problems during the warranty period?

A: "Quality is our culture." first, take photos or videos as proof and send t hem to us. We will deal with it according to the actual situation.

Q2. What is your trade guarantee?

A: 100% product quality protection;

100% product on-time shipment protection;

Provide 100% payment protection for your insured amount.

Q3. Why do some suppliers offer lower prices?

A: As long as the company you contact is a manufacturer, the price level of high-quality products should be similar to ours, or even higher than ours, so be careful to be cheated and pay more attention to the quality of products.

Q4. Why is the product warranty period 2 years? I need to change the bulb in 2 years?

A: The industry standard warranty period is 2 years, which does not mean that the service life of the lamp is 2 years, which means that we will provide relevant after-sales services free of charge within these 2 years. After 2 years of normal use, the lamp can still work normally.

Q5. Can we buy only a small amount of products?

A: Of course, small quantity becomes large quantity, so I hope to give us a chance to finally achieve the goal of win-win.


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