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5V 5200mah 300lm LED Solar Home Lighting System Can Charge Mobile Phones

5V 5200mah 300lm LED Solar Home Lighting System Can Charge Mobile Phones

300lm LED Solar Home Lighting System

5V 5200mah Solar Home Lighting System

3W 5V solar power lighting system

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Solar Home Lighting System



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Product Details
Solar Home Lighting System
Model No.:
5200mah Li-battery
Red / Green / Yellow / Black
300lm For Each Lamp
ABS + Plastic
Home Lighting Or Outdoor Camping Lighting
Product Description

LED Solar Home Lighting System With Solar Panel 3 Portable Outdoor Bulbs


Product Introduction

Model Name SRE-99G-1
Light Source 1*3W LED lamp (12pcs/led lamp)
Lumen 300lm for each lamp
Battery 5200mah Li-battery built-in each lamp
Color box size 19*25.5*11.5cm/set
Carton Size 74*48*39.5cm
Gross Weight 24kg/carton
Specifications 6sets/carton
Certification ISO,CE
Solar Panel 3W/5V
After-sales Service A Lifetime



1. A complete solar lighting package.

2. Household emergency lighting, portable, easy to operate.

3. Higher charging efficiency will be obtained by facing the battery board towards the sun.

4. It can charge mobile phones, MP3, MP4, digital cameras and other electronic products.

5. The system is equipped with high brightness bulbs of more than 90lm, which is equivalent to the brightness of 25W incandescent lamps.

6. Suitable for indoor lighting, outdoor lighting, power failure, camping, home lighting, no electric field.

7. When all indicators are always on, please fully charge the battery before the first use to show that the charging has been completed.



With the continuous development of our science and technology, our power generation technology has gradually changed from coal power generation to a variety of power generation methods, and solar power generation is a very good type of power generation. The sun shines on the semiconductor p-n junction to form a new hole electron pair. Under the action of the p-n junction electric field, the hole flows from the p region to the N region, and the electron flows from the N region to the p region. After the circuit is connected, a current is formed. Its function is to convert solar energy into electric energy and send it to the battery for storage, or promote the load to work.



1. Travel is a good companion. When you go out on an adventure and look at the stars in the mountains, what do you do when it's too dark? Want to take a beautiful sunrise, but the mobile phone is dead. At this time, this lighting system is particularly important. It can meet many of your requirements and is very convenient to carry.

2. The appearance design is simple and generous. At present, many products in the market are fancy, but they don't play a key role, but they are chicken ribs. Our original intention is to fully consider for customers. Placing it in a certain place also saves space, and can illuminate several rooms at the same time.

3. Daily necessary emergency measures. In case of heavy rain, emergency power failure, or circuit interference, it is a light to illuminate hope.

4. The gospel of powerless areas. At present, many places are still faced with the phenomenon that electricity is tight, electricity charges are very expensive and cannot afford electricity, resulting in many farm work, factories and schools unable to operate normally. With this lighting system, these problems will be solved and become a hope in remote areas.



1. The bulb is made of imported acrylic and has high brightness. The average lighting range of each lamp can reach more than ten meters.

2. For you to solve the problem of electricity, there is no need to worry about the expensive electricity bill.

3. One stop service before and after placing an order.

4. The capacity of the battery is very large, so don't worry about frequent replacement and wasting unnecessary money.

5. Because it is completely powered by sunlight, there is no need to worry about electric shock and fire due to circuit aging. It is very safe.



1. When using the solar panel for charging, first insert the solar panel into the DC charger, place the solar panel in a sunny place, and be careful not to have anything blocking the solar panel.

2. Using AC charging, plug the adapter DC into the solar lamp DC charger, and then connect the charger to the solar panel.

3. There are four levels of brightness: I 10% brightness, II 50% brightness and III 100% brightness.

4. Connect the solar panel to the bulb through the converter, and then turn on the bulb, which can be used normally, as well as the USB charger.

5. This product is equipped with mobile phone charging USB adapter, multi position lighting selection, etc. it is suitable for indoor and outdoor lighting such as home lighting, outdoor camping, yurt, tent and driver driving, which is safer, more efficient, energy-saving and environment-friendly.

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5V 5200mah 300lm LED Solar Home Lighting System Can Charge Mobile Phones 1

5V 5200mah 300lm LED Solar Home Lighting System Can Charge Mobile Phones 2

5V 5200mah 300lm LED Solar Home Lighting System Can Charge Mobile Phones 3

Company Profile

We are a company full of soul, and many products are designed by ourselves. Each product sells well all over the world and cooperates with many customers. We pay attention to product quality, innovation, fast delivery, inventory and customized service. We are very experienced in dealing with overseas customers. We know customers better. Customers are the core of everything we do. All our products have passed CE and ROHS certification. Our vision is to provide you with the best choice for indoor and outdoor applications. "100% service and 100% satisfaction" is our eternal goal. We hope to establish a long-term cooperative relationship with you and achieve mutual benefit and win-win results in the future!



1. We always follow the customer-centered principle, so we will reply to your inquiry or other questions as soon as possible.

2. If you are purchasing goods from China for the first time, don't worry. We will answer your questions and solve your doubts throughout the process, and arrange delivery related matters for you.

3. Now many businesses want to print their own logos on their products. We can do this, and there are special designers to communicate with you.

4. After you place an order, the workshop will arrange production immediately. We will also provide you with real-time tracking service and send you the production process and video. You can rest assured.

5. If you are just beginning to understand and want to further view the details of the product, our staff will call you for a comprehensive display.



Q1. Do you have your own factory? How long has it been established?

A: Yes, we are our own factory. The manufacturer sells directly, which is more cost-effective.

Q2. If you order a large number of products, will there be a discount?

A: of course, you can contact the staff, and she will tell you the specific discount. The larger the order, the more the discount will be.

Q3. What should be done if you encounter equipment failure and problems due to your misoperation?

A: first of all, our products are produced under a strict quality control system.

Second, during the warranty period, we will send small quantities of new products and new orders. For defective batch products, we will repair and resend them to you, or we can discuss solutions according to the actual situation.

Q4. How many bulbs can your product be equipped with at most?

A: we have 4 / 3 / 2 / 1 as standard, four different bulb options, and the colors can be matched freely.

Q5. How do I choose the right system and product?

A: you can contact our customer service personnel. They are very professional. They can recommend appropriate products to you and communicate with you without obstacles.

Q6. What are the advantages of household power generation devices?

Answer: solar photovoltaic power generation has reliable performance and service life of more than 10 years. It really achieves less investment, large income, zero pollution and low maintenance cost.

Q7. How long is the warranty period of your solar power generation system?

A: for the whole system in 24 months, we can ensure that our products will pass very strict tests and then send them to you.

Q8. How about the packing? Will it be damaged if I receive it?

A: strict double-layer packaging and strict vibration test. Ensure that the product is not damaged during transportation.

Q9. How difficult is the installation?

A: it's very simple. Fix the product at right angles to ensure that there are no obstructions on the surface of the solar panel.

Q10. What should I do if the light brightness drops or is completely turned off?

A: it must be that the solar energy is exhausted. Generally, when the sun is insufficient, the charging will be relatively slow. This is a normal phenomenon. Just charge more solar energy.

Q11. Why is the charging efficiency low in winter or cloudy days?

A: the general sunshine standard is 1000kW / m2. In winter or cloudy days, the sunshine intensity is far lower than the standard, so the charging efficiency is reduced accordingly.



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