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ROHS 3PCS Solar Panel Energy System 11Hrs To 30Hrs Solar Energy Panels For Homes

ROHS 3PCS Solar Panel Energy System 11Hrs To 30Hrs Solar Energy Panels For Homes

ROHS 3PCS Solar Panel Energy System

Solar Panel Energy System 11Hrs

30Hrs Solar Energy Panels For Homes

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Solar Panel Energy System



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Product Details
Solar Panel Energy System
Model No.:
5200mah Li-battery
Light Source:
Led Light
HS Code:
After Charging ,bulbs Can Took Anywhere For Lighting
Work Time:
11-30 Hrs
Product Description

Solar Energy Panels For Homes 3 PCS Solar Panel Energy System


Product Introduction

Model Name


Color Temperature Pure White
Technicians Painted Matte
Usage Garden, Street, Hiking, Plant, busy farming commercial power
Voltage 5V-6V
Port Shenzhen,China



This bulb has a large diameter and is very suitable for Europe. It has a good grip. Moreover, the 18650 battery imported from Japan is used. This battery has many advantages. It not only has large capacity, long service life, high voltage and no memory effect, but also has small internal resistance, high safety performance and wide application range. The battery is guaranteed for up to two years and can be used for about 3-5 years. The appearance of the bulb is specially studied by the designer. It has the advantages of using patents and appearance patents, and the average service life is as long as 10-15 years.



In today's society, more and more solar power generation devices appear in people's vision. As long as there is sunlight, electric current will be generated, which is too convenient for our daily life. Solar cell is a device that converts solar energy into electric energy by using the photoelectric effect of semiconductor materials. Then the raw material of solar cell is silicon. As a semiconductor, silicon has an important property. That is, when light shines, the electrons in the outer layer of silicon will get energy from the light to form free electrons. And leave a hole in the original position to form an electron hole pair. If this group of electron holes generate an electric field in the region of the PN junction, the holes will move to the p region and the electrons will move to the N region under the action of the electric field force. In this way, there will be a potential difference between the two ends of the PN junction. If we connect the two ends of the PN junction to the electrode and then connect it, a current will be generated.



1. In case of power failure in the community, it can be used as an emergency light.

2. For some areas far away from the power grid and where there is no condition to use electricity, this portable power generation lighting system will help you solve great problems. You can enjoy it for life at one consumption.

3. When the crops are mature, the danger of pulling wire net lighting at night is solved, and the small light bulb can be used alone, which gives more comfort to the busy farming.

4. Reconstruction after natural disasters, such as tsunami, debris flow and fire.

5. The remote control and buttons can be operated easily to release your legs even if you are far away.


ROHS 3PCS Solar Panel Energy System 11Hrs To 30Hrs Solar Energy Panels For Homes 0

ROHS 3PCS Solar Panel Energy System 11Hrs To 30Hrs Solar Energy Panels For Homes 1

ROHS 3PCS Solar Panel Energy System 11Hrs To 30Hrs Solar Energy Panels For Homes 2



ROHS 3PCS Solar Panel Energy System 11Hrs To 30Hrs Solar Energy Panels For Homes 3

Operation Method

Use of remote control:

Remote control convenient and quick.

It can be turn on and off to adjust the switch light control.

1+++: Hard light

2+: Medium light mode

3: Low light mode

OFF: Switch



We guarantee that the energy thermal surface power lamp (LTSHE) is free of defective materials and operates under normal wear, installation, accommodation and service conditions for three years from the date of customer acceptance of the product. If the module does not meet this warranty, we will repair or replace the product within three years and one year after the delivery date to the customer. This guarantee is valid only when the customer owns the product.



1. If the light bulb doesn't light all the time, please don't panic. Immediately check whether the switch button has been turned on or how the solar panel stores electricity.

2. If the solar panel cannot be charged, be sure to check whether there is dust or dirt above the solar panel to prevent charging.

3. As long as there is a light source, the solar panel can realize continuous charging.

4. When connecting the cable, make sure that the label is completely consistent with the connector, otherwise the battery will not be able to complete charging.


Company Profile

"Energy saving and environmental protection" is our business philosophy, so we are committed to providing customers with unique design and energy-saving LED lighting solutions. Global sunrise Lights Electrical Co., Ltd. is rooted in product quality, establishes a comprehensive quality assurance system and meets the standards specified in 1s0901. Our LED products are famous for their unique design, excellent quality and high-quality service. Our products are exported to Europe and the United States, Australia, Africa, Southeast Asia, Lapan and other places. We have a professional design team to customize products. You can send your samples or drawings to us, and our team will make samples for you. Our goal is to ensure that global sunrise Lights Electrical Co., Ltd. becomes a reliable solar lighting brand recognized by customers all over the world, better lighting and better life!



Q 1. How many meters of wire does the bulb have?

A: Each small bulb has a five meter line.

Q2. Can a small system be equipped with two remote controls?

A: Generally speaking, each set of equipment comes with a remote control. If you need more, please contact our staff for coordination.

Q3. Does it have an intelligent control system?

A: Of course, it can achieve intelligent control and energy saving.

Q 4. How should I place an order?

A: first, let us know your purchase needs; Secondly, we will quote according to your needs; Then, the customer confirms the goods to be purchased and pays the deposit; Finally, we put into production. (Note: you must settle the balance before shipment)

Q 5. Can I print my logo on the products I buy?

A: of course, we support customized services. However, we must be informed before production to ensure whether the logo can be put into design and use.

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