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3PCS LED Bulbs Portable Solar Outdoor Lighting System For Home Reading

3PCS LED Bulbs Portable Solar Outdoor Lighting System For Home Reading

OEM Solar Outdoor Lighting System

3PCS LED Bulbs Outdoor Lighting System

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Portable Solar Bulbs



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Product Details
Portable Solar Bulbs
Model No.:
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Pure White
Mobile Phone Cable
8000mah Battery
15.5 KG
Lighting / Radio / FM / MP3 / Charge
Product Description

3PCS LED Bulbs For Home Reading Portable Solar Outdoor Lighting System


Product Introduction of the SRE-6825:

Item SER-6825
Place of Origin Henan,China
Application Household,Outdoor,Christmas,Flood,Small system,etc.
Warranty 12 Months
Free installation YES
Switch Type Push-button switch
Source Color White
Lead Time

10 days(1-100Sets)
To be negotiated(>100Sets)

Characteristics of the solar energy saving light:
SRE-6825 mainly takes the single chip microcomputer as the host to realize the intelligent control of battery charge and discharge, overcharge, over discharge protection and short circuit protection. When the load is overloaded, the system will automatically shut down and return to normal after a few seconds, effectively prolong the battery life and control the increase of battery over discharge voltage. It also has ultra-low power standby function: when the on / off switch is off, the product enters the low power state.

Theory of the solar lighting:
Solar lighting kit is a convenient product assembled by solar panels, solar controllers and batteries. After continuous processing and upgrading of products, we stand at the top of solar lighting products. The product has many highlights, convenient installation, maintenance free, safe and reliable, and is easy to solve the basic power problem.

Solar power generation is known as the most ideal new energy. No danger of exhaustion, safe and reliable, no noise, no pollution emission, absolutely clean (pollution-free). Not limited by the geographical distribution of resources, small and lightweight. It can generate electricity locally without consuming fuel and erecting transmission lines. Energy quality is high and users are easy to accept emotionally. With this small system, you have many functions, such as mobile audio, large power bank, flashlight, mobile light bulb and so on.

1. Each small system is equipped with five different data lines, which can meet the charging of different models of mobile phones and devices.
2. With bearing holes, it provides fast and convenient movement. Dual power button design, easy to operate.
3. Its maximum sound decibel can meet your needs for all kinds of large-scale games.
4. Whether you want to use it outside or at home, you can move its position at any time, because it has two designs: handle and hook.

1. If use solar panel charging, first insert the solar panel into the DC charger,put solar panels on sunny places, pay attention that there is nothing cover solar panels.
2. Using AC charging, put the adapter DC into solar light DC charger,then connect the charger with 220 VAC.
3. If additional AC adapter,the power wire connect the machine and insert into mains.
Q1. Why is your quotation higher than other suppliers?
A: In the domestic market, high and low inverter brands are mixed together. In fact, many low-cost frequency converters are small unlicensed workshops for assembly. They are shoddy. In order to reduce costs and use substandard parts for assembly, there are great potential safety hazards! In order to protect personal and property safety, please don't be greedy for low prices. You must choose a reliable frequency converter!
Q2. Is the output voltage of our inverter stable?
A: Of course. Our inverter adopts a good regulation circuit. You can even check when measuring the true value with a multi-meter. In fact, the output voltage is quite stable. Here we need to make a special explanation: many customers find that the traditional multi-meter is unstable when measuring voltage. We can say that the operation is wrong. Ordinary multi-meter can only test pure sinusoidal waveform and calculate data.
Q3. What is the warranty scope of the inverter?
A: One year warranty.
Q4. How to solve technical problems?
A: 24-hour after-sales service consultation is only for you to solve your problems easily.
Q5. How to select the appropriate inverter?
A: Tell us your needs, and then our sales staff will recommend you a suitable frequency converter.
Q 6. Can your goods only be delivered to the port?
A: If you have your own goods agent, you can contact them for confirmation. If you don't, we will arrange it for you.

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