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LED 9W Portable Solar Energy System With Mobile Phone Charging

LED 9W Portable Solar Energy System With Mobile Phone Charging

9W Portable Solar Energy System

LED Portable Solar Energy System

Mobile Phone Charging Solar Lighting System

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Global Sunrise Lights



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Solar Panel System For Household
Overcharge And Shot Circuit Protection
High Quailty
Product Description

9W Portable Solar Energy With Mobile Phone Charging Mini Home System LED Lighting System



The solar energy system is independent of each other and can be controlled by itself to avoid large-scale power failure with high safety. Make up for the lack of stability of large power grid, continue to supply power in case of accidents, and become an indispensable supplement to centralized power supply. It is very suitable for supplying power to residents in rural areas, pastoral areas, mountainous areas, developing medium and small cities or commercial areas, greatly reducing the pressure of environmental protection. The loss of power transmission and distribution is low, or even no, and there is no need to build a distribution station to reduce or avoid additional power transmission and distribution costs. Good peak shaving performance and simple operation.



Product detail

Material Science Plastic
Product name Sloar home lighting system
Payment terms T/T, W/U, etc.
Package Type Color box
Application Camping, Home, Outdoor, Emergency power supply, etc.


Advantage/Selling points

1. Solar energy is inexhaustible clean energy, and solar photovoltaic power generation is safe and reliable, and will not be affected by energy crisis and unstable factors in fuel market.

2. The sun shines on the earth, and solar energy is available everywhere. Solar photovoltaic power generation is especially suitable for remote areas without electricity, and will reduce the construction of long-distance power grid and the power loss on transmission lines

3. The generation of solar energy does not need fuel, which greatly reduces the operation cost

4. Solar photovoltaic power generation will not produce any waste, and will not produce noise, greenhouse and toxic gases. It is an ideal clean energy.

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LED 9W Portable Solar Energy System With Mobile Phone Charging 1LED 9W Portable Solar Energy System With Mobile Phone Charging 2



1. We promise to reply to customers' inquiries within 24 hours and add your other contact information in time.

2. Each product goes through strict manufacturing management process to ensure product quality or quality.

3. We always adhere to the highest principle and take technical support as the basis. Help customers win good satisfaction and good business.

4. If you have any questions, please contact us immediately and we will try our best to help you.

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Operation method

Installation instructions

1. Press the "on / off" button to check the work indicator.

2. Insert the solar panel charging cable into the input port. If the solar panel is placed in the sun, the charging indicator will light up. If the charging indicator does not light up, carefully check the connection of the equipment and ensure that the terminal connector is tightened. At the same time, please note that the charging cable should be connected according to the instruction diagram to prevent rainwater from flowing into the device.

3. Connect the DC power supply equipment and electronic products to the equipment, and the system will work automatically.

Note: when the quantity is less than 5%, the green indicator will go out and all outputs will be cut off. In this case, please charge it in time.


1. It is normal that the product may be heated during charging or discharging.

2. Do not use it when charging, otherwise internal components may be damaged.

3. Keep away from fire or overheating, otherwise it may cause explosion.

5. Do not disassemble or assemble by yourself.

6. Children should use this product under the guidance of adults.

7. Charge every 2-3 months.

Warning: please use it correctly according to the instructions. We are not responsible for any improper use or man-made damage.

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LED 9W Portable Solar Energy System With Mobile Phone Charging 5


Company profile

We use high-quality materials, introduce advanced manufacturing and testing equipment, and implement a strict quality control system to ensure the qualification of each solar lamp. Our solar products have won a good reputation in the domestic and foreign markets. So far, we have exported solar panels, solar lamps and solar systems to North America, South America, Europe, Africa, Southeast Asia and other places. Adhering to the mission of "Empowering human outdoor scientific and technological life" and the vision of "committed to building a leader in the outdoor power supply industry", we are committed to making green energy uninterrupted in every corner of the world.LED 9W Portable Solar Energy System With Mobile Phone Charging 6

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