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IP65 Household Lighting Solar Panel System 9W With LED Bulb

IP65 Household Lighting Solar Panel System 9W With LED Bulb

Household Lighting Solar Panel System

9W LED Bulb Solar Panel System

IP65 Lighting Solar Panel System

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Global Sunrise Lights



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Product Details
Solar Panel For House
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A Lifetime
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Garden, Household, Shed ,Wall,etc.
Product Description

New Portable Household Lighting Solar Panel Solar Module Solar System With LED Bulb


Characteristics about SRE-689:

It has unique characteristics. Firstly, it has good dust-proof design and DC output to achieve safe and reliable effect. In order to prolong its service life, we are equipped with lithium batteries. Not only that, it is also a large mobile charging treasure, charging your device anytime, anywhere. More importantly, the updated patented solar lighting system is a completely independent off grid power pack, which can realize the vision of lighting for the required area.

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Theory of solar power:

When the light shines on the surface of the solar cell, some photons are absorbed by the silicon material; The energy of photons is transferred to silicon atoms, making electrons migrate and become free electrons. They gather on both sides of the p-n junction to form a potential difference. When the external circuit is connected, under the action of this voltage, a current will flow through the external circuit to produce a certain output power. The essence of this process is: the process of converting photon energy into electrical energy.

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This product is equipped with status indicator, mobile phone light, USB adapter for charging small electronic equipment, multi position lighting selection, etc. it is suitable for home lighting, indoor and outdoor lighting such as camping and gathering, building yurts and tents, and driving by drivers. It can achieve the effects of more safety, stability, efficiency, energy saving and environmental protection.

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Product introduction:

Item SRE-689
Warranty 12 Months
Switch Type Push-button switch
Lighting solution service Portable lighting and emergency lighting
Weight 18kg
Place of origin Henan, China


Advantage/Selling points:

Solar power generation is known as the most ideal new energy. No danger of exhaustion, safe and reliable, no noise, no pollution emission, absolutely clean (pollution-free). Not limited by the geographical distribution of resources, small and lightweight. It can generate electricity locally without consuming fuel and erecting transmission lines. Energy quality is high and users are easy to accept emotionally. With this small system, you have many functions, such as mobile audio, large power bank, flashlight, mobile light bulb and so on.


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Operation method  about charging the battery:

How to charge the battery:

1. Connect the battery and the solar panel. When the red light of the battery is on, it means to start charging. The charging time depends on the power and sunlight intensity of the solar panel.

2. Charging through AC adapter is the same.

3. Generally, there is a charging indicator on the mobile power supply, which will automatically protect and stop the input after full charge. The longer the charging time of the mobile power supply with large capacity.IP65 Household Lighting Solar Panel System 9W With LED Bulb 5



1. The surface of the solar panel shall not be damaged.

2. When charging the battery of the solar charger, place the solar panel upward in direct sunlight to ensure the best charging effect.

3. If the weather is cloudy, you can also charge the battery of the solar charger, but it takes a long time.

4. When it rains, remember to put the solar panel in the shelter to ensure its service life.

5. If the battery has overload protection, just unplug the load and switch it once.IP65 Household Lighting Solar Panel System 9W With LED Bulb 6


Company profile about Global Sunrise Lights:

After more than ten years of market practice and customer accumulation, we have developed into a comprehensive company covering lamps and solar energy series. As one of the manufacturers with the strongest R&D capacity and the largest production capacity in China, we have always adhered to two driving forces for development: scientific research and innovation. In order to make our solar energy application products widely serve more customers, we have formed strategic alliances with many companies to jointly develop the application market of solar lamps and lanterns, and achieved good social and environmental benefits. Our products enjoy a good reputation among customers. We welcome customers, chambers of Commerce and friends from all over the world to contact us and seek mutually beneficial cooperation.

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