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1000W Solar Portable Power Station Generator AC DC Output

1000W Solar Portable Power Station Generator AC DC Output

Flashlight Portable Power Station

1000W Solar Power Generator

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500W solar power station

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Product Details
Brand Name:
Global Sunrise Lights
Product Name:
Portable Power Station
Battery Type:
Special Features:
Type C, Flashlight, Cigar Lighter
Battery Capacity:
32700 LiFeP04 12.8V 1280WH/400000mah
Rated Power:
500W 1000W
Charge Method:
Solar/Car/Adapter Charging
Product Description
2022 New Arrival 500W 1000W AC DC Output Solar Portable Power Station Generator Solar Power System

Product Introduction:

Product name Portable Power Station
Brand Name Global Sunrise Lights
Battery Type LiFePO4
Controller Type MPPT
Special Features Type C, Flashlight, Cigar Lighter
Battery Capacity 32700 LiFeP04 12.8V 1280WH/400000mah
Color Black Grey
Rated Power 500W 1000W
Weight 6.8kg/14kg
Material ABS/ABS+Aluminum
Charge ways Solar Charging
Charge method Solar/Car/Adapter Charging
Charging Temperature: 0ºC-40ºC
Supply Ability 2000 Piece/Pieces per Week solar power station

Theory of the solar generator kit:
This product adopts high-quality original lithium-ion battery, which has no memory effect, large capacity and durability. However, we still recommend that you use it in the range of 10 C ~ 30 C to obtain the best charging capacity. When charging, keep away from TV, radio, etc. to avoid interference.

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Characteristic about the portable solar power station:
This product is a highly stable and reliable power supply designed by our factory to meet the requirements of public power and network system. Its high quality enables it to provide safe and reliable services, user data centers, industrial control equipment, precision medical equipment and other load comprehensive protection system equipment and household appliances.

1000W Solar Portable Power Station Generator AC DC Output 1


Application / use:
1. The small inverter is light in weight and saves space, which solves a big problem for busy agriculture and on-site construction.
2. When emergency rescue is carried out in remote areas or disaster areas, it can not only help lighting, but also drive most medical equipment, which is very convenient.
4. You can barbecue on the roof or in the field at night without turning on the power.

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Advantage/Selling points:
1. High and optimal performance of battery
Intelligent battery management technology ensures longer battery life. Advanced constant voltage charging technology can activate the battery to the greatest extent and save cost.
2. Comprehensive and reliable protection
The power on test function can avoid faults and unnecessary hazards.

3. Overall automatic protection and alarm, such as output overload protection.
1000W Solar Portable Power Station Generator AC DC Output 3
Q 1. Is the quality of your products really up to standard?
A: You have no doubt about this. We pay great attention to quality, "manufacturing reliable products" is the core business foundation of our company. Suns only provides reliable solar products.
Q 2. Why does the battery suddenly stop working and the indicator light doesn't light up?
A: 1. Please check whether the battery is faulty and replace it if necessary.
2. Check whether the positive and negative electrodes are connected correctly.
3. Check whether the cable is loose. If it is loose, tighten it immediately.
Q3. Why is the service time too short after being fully charged?
A: 1. The power consumption of electrical appliances is greater than the rated load of inverter.
2. The battery is faulty or damaged.
3. Poor battery charging.
4. The current drops when passing through the cable.
1000W Solar Portable Power Station Generator AC DC Output 4
Attention about the detail:
As an indispensable daily necessities, we all have a natural fear of electricity more or less. As an electronic product, photovoltaic inverter is composed of multiple devices. When it is connected to the grid for power generation, it is often hundreds of volts, so it must not be careless in operation, otherwise there may be potential safety hazards

Company profile about Global Sunrise Lights Electrical Co.,ltd:
Global sunrise Lights Electrical Co., Ltd. is a professional manufacturer in the field of power solutions.
1. It has nearly 100 well-trained workers and a perfect production system.
2. Plants, dormitories and office buildings cover an area of 19000 square meters.
3. With strict product quality standards, timely delivery and considerate service.
4. Have their own innovative design R & D team.
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