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Off Grid Solar Power System IP65 House Hybrid Panel Energy For Home

Off Grid Solar Power System IP65 House Hybrid Panel Energy For Home

Solar IP65 House Hybrid Panel system

Off Grid Solar Power System

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Global Sunrise Lights



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Solar Power Station

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Off Grid Solar Power System House Hybrid Solar Panel Energy System For Home Use


Characteristics of the solar charger:

The efficiency of inverter refers to the ratio of output power to input power under specified working conditions, expressed as a percentage. The efficiency of inverter will vary greatly due to different loads. The efficiency value of inverter represents its own power loss, which is usually expressed as a percentage. 10kW The actual efficiency of the universal inverter is only 70% ~ 80%, which will bring total power generation when it is used in solar photovoltaic power generation system 20%~30% Power loss. In the design of special inverter for solar photovoltaic power generation system, special attention should be paid to reducing its own power loss and improving the efficiency of the whole machine.


Theory of the solar product:

The conversion of the inverter circuit can make the frequency of the current in the circuit reach the range required for normal operation, so that the current wavelength close to the electrical appliances and working devices is within a certain range, which is convenient for the staff to control the.

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Solar building

Combining solar power generation with building materials to make large buildings self-sufficient in electricity is a major development direction in the future.



1. It is strictly prohibited to operate and disassemble the inverter at will

The inverter operators shall receive systematic training and be qualified before operating the inverter. Non professional operators are not allowed to operate without authorization. It is forbidden to disassemble, repair and transform the inverter by themselves.

2. Do not damage power wires and cables

Do not step on, screw or pull the cable. Cable damage will cause electric shock, short circuit and fire. In case of burning odor, abnormal sound, abnormal heating, smoking and other abnormal phenomena, close the circuit breaker immediately and contact the inverter manufacturer immediately, otherwise there are dangers such as electric shock and fire.

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Company profile about Global Sunrise Lights:

1. It has nearly 100 well-trained workers and a perfect production system.

2. Plants, dormitories and office buildings cover an area of 19000 square meters.

3. With strict product quality standards, timely delivery and considerate service.

4. Have their own innovative design R & D team.

5. The concept of green safety is deeply rooted in the hearts of the people.

6. Unique technology.

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