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Freezed Dryer Vacuum Machines Industrial Coffee Mushroom Food Lyofilizing

Freezed Dryer Vacuum Machines Industrial Coffee Mushroom Food Lyofilizing

Mushroom Freezed Dryer Machines

220V Industrial Freezed Dryer Machines

Food Lyofilizing Freeze Dryer Machine

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Global Sunrise Lights



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Vacuum Home Freeze Dryer

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Product Details
Freeze Drying Equipment
Product Name:
Home Freeze Dryer / Lyophilizer
220V/50-60Hz, 110V/60Hz
Key Selling Points:
Competitive Price
Weight (KG):
Product Description

Large Freezed Dryer Vacuum Freezing Drying Machines Industrial Coffee Mushroom Food Lyofilizing Freeze Dried Fruit


Product Introduction:

Type Freeze Drying Equipment
Product Name Home Freeze Dryer / Lyophilizer
Application Medicine Processing, Chemicals Processing,Food Processing, Laboratory, Farm,Pharmacy, Home, Pharmaceutical and home
Condition New
Voltage 220V/50-60Hz, 110V/60Hz
Power 1100W




1. LCD Touch screen,low noise, large capacity

2. The controller is moved to the top left corner for easy operation.

3. Automatic one-key start PLC control system throughout the complete freeze drying process.

4. Oil vacuum pump is included as standard configuration. Oil-free dry scroll vacuum pump is optional.

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Vacuum freeze drying technology, also known as sublimation drying, is a method to pre-freeze water- containing material and sublimate its moisture under vacuum. The original biological and chemical properties of freeze-dried items are basically unchanged, which is easy to keep for a long time. After adding water, they can be restored to the state before freeze-drying and maintain their original biochemical properties. Therefore, vacuum freeze drying technology is widely used in pharmaceutical, food, chemical, biological products and other fields.



Home freeze dryer is a small vacuum freeze dryer. It is suitable for home use and small amount of freeze-dried use. It is widely used in freeze-drying of fruits, vegetables, meat, Chinese herbal medicines, health care products, etc. Freeze-dried food and medicinal materials are easy to be stored for a long time, which can retain the taste, nutritional content and shape of the original material to the greatest extent.

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Advantage/Selling points:

1. For a freeze dryer, the price is important but it is not the most important Its performance and quality are more important.

2. In the market, there are too many low-end freeze dryers with very low price. You may buy a cheap freeze dryer but get many headaches in the next coming years. Do not waste your budget on a cheap product in poor quality any more!

3. For our specifications, please contact us for details.



After-sales service

• Technical support for any enquiry for troubleshooting

• Quick supply of spare parts ensured

• Service training provided if necessary



Q: How can I get a quotation and brochure with pictures and technical details?

A: You only need to advise a specific model and quantity you need, you will receive our quotation with details.

Q: Power supply in our country is 110V/60Hz or 220V/60Hz instead of 220V/50Hz. Does this freeze dryer work?

A: Our freeze dryers can be used for power supply of 200V-240V/50Hz, 200V-240V/60Hz and 110V/60Hz.

Please indicate your local power supply when an order is placed.

Q: Can this freeze dryer be used for laboratory?

A: Yes, it can be used for solid and liquid samples for laboratories.

Q: Can this freeze dryer be used for home purpose?

A Yes, it can be used for flowers and food including fruit, vegetables, milk, coffee, even pet food.

Q: What is the normal operating vacuum level?

A: Its vacuum degree is 15Pa.

Q: Is this freeze dryer available in English version?

A: Yes, it is a must! We are selling our freeze dryers worldwide, the freeze dryer, user manual and training course are all in English. please contact us for photos for your preview.

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Operation method:

1. Simply place food on the trays and press start.

2. Everything is automatic. Freeze dryer will beep when finished

3. Place finished food in an airtight container with an oxyfen absorber.



1.Recently, due to the international shipping cost unstable, almost different everyday. So, no matter the shipping cost displayed on the website is FREE SHIPPING or NOT, the final price with shipment should subject to the actual cost, please confirm with our salesperson before place order.

2. About the machine size, please subject to the product description. Please kindly noted there might be some size deviation due to the manual measurement, whichever is actual. If you need the exactly size, please contact our salesman to confirm it again before you place the order.

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