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Complete 5Kw Home Solar Generator 5000W 220V System On Grid

Complete 5Kw Home Solar Generator 5000W 220V System On Grid

Complete 5Kw Home Solar Generator

5000W Home Solar Generator

Solar Integrative Power Bank Generator

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Global Sunrise Lights



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Solar Generator 5kw

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Product Details
Solar Integrative Power Bank
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Solar Charging
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Solar/Adapter Charging
Product Description

Complete 5Kw 5000W 220V Solar Power System Home Solar Generator On Grid Solar System 5Kw Kit


Characteristics of the solar inverter:

Temperature control fan is an essential device of this inverter. It can not only ensure the constant temperature of the product, but also improve the stability of the product. In addition, the built-in MPPT solar controller can effectively balance the input current, so that when partially blocked, the solar panel can efficiently generate electricity and balance the photovoltaic current. The intelligent monitoring system can check the product status at any time


Theory of the solar panel:

Photovoltaic inverter is mainly composed of semiconductor power adjustment device. These semiconductor materials are the main force to convert DC into AC. not only that, semiconductor devices can also play the role of boost circuit in the circuit and convert the circuit into inverter circuit. By completing these tasks, the semiconductor device can convert the DC voltage provided by the power supply into the AC voltage required for the normal operation of the circuit, and continuously transmit these AC power sources to the circuit through the inverter output device to maintain the work.

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Advantage/Selling points:

The shell of this product is made of aluminum. The aluminum alloy frame not only has high durability, wide application range and good decorative effect, but also has good strength and mechanical properties in low temperature environment. The overall design is humanized, the outer frame is beautiful and generous, and the four corners are arc angles, which can effectively prevent sharp corners from scratching people. And it's very light. It's very optional when you go out, whether it's portable or diagonal.

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Q 1. Why is your quotation higher than other suppliers?

A: In the domestic market, high and low inverter brands are mixed together. In fact, many low-cost frequency converters are small unlicensed workshops for assembly. They are shoddy. In order to reduce costs and use substandard parts for assembly, there are great potential safety hazards! In order to protect personal and property safety, please don't be greedy for low prices. You must choose a reliable frequency converter!

Q2. Is the output voltage of our inverter stable?

A: Of course. Our inverter adopts a good regulation circuit. You can even check when measuring the true value with a multi-meter. In fact, the output voltage is quite stable. Here we need to make a special explanation: many customers find that the traditional multi-meter is unstable when measuring voltage. We can say that the operation is wrong. Ordinary multi-meter can only test pure sinusoidal waveform and calculate data.

Q3. What is the warranty scope of the inverter?

A: One year warranty.

Q4. How to solve technical problems?

A: 24-hour after-sales service consultation is only for you to solve your problems easily.



1. Disconnect the device after full charge.

2. Use the device correctly to avoid electric shock.

3. Please dispose of the waste products according to the regulations. Do not dispose of the waste products.

4. The battery is used as domestic waste to avoid explosion and pollution.

5. This product is only used in emerge



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