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Power System Portable Solar Generators 10KW 5KW System Kit For Houses

Power System Portable Solar Generators 10KW 5KW System Kit For Houses

10KW Portable Solar Generators

Power System 5KW Portable Solar Generators

Portable Solar Generators For Houses

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Global Sunrise Lights



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Solar Generator 10kw

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Solar Integrative Power Bank
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Product Description

Home Use Solar Power System On-Grid 10KW 5KW Solar Panel System Kit Best Price For Houses


Characteristics of the solar cell system:

Photovoltaic inverter is an important part of solar photovoltaic power generation system. Its performance is directly related to the safety and reliability index of the whole photovoltaic power generation system. Photovoltaic inverter has become a high-tech product with development prospect and influence. Modern photovoltaic inverter is widely used in the field of solar photovoltaic power generation because of its significant advantages such as low loss, high efficiency and modularization.


Theory of the solar panel:

Inverter converts DC into AC, which consists of transformer, capacitor, IGBT, MOS tube, front stage small plate, rear stage small plate and various parts. It is widely used in air conditioners, home cinemas, electric grinding wheels, electric tools, sewing machines, DVDs, VCDs, computers, televisions, washing machines, range hoods, refrigerators, video recorders, fans, lighting and other electrical appliances less than 500 watts.

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Advantage/Selling points:

Can accept OEM service and print customized logo on the product.

Solar panel: after converting solar energy into electric energy, the output DC power is stored in the battery. The solar panel itself has no energy storage function.

Solar controller: protect the battery from recoil, short circuit, overcharge and over discharge, and effectively prolong the service life of the battery.

Battery: store the electric energy converted by solar panels in electrical appliances.

Inverter: the inverter converts direct current (battery, storage battery) into alternating current.



The electrical appliances that can be used include: mobile phone, notebook computer, digital camera, camera, lighting lamp, electric razor and CD Computers, game consoles, handheld computers, electric tools, car refrigerators and all kinds of tourism, camping, medical emergency appliances, etc.

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1. Easy installation

a. No transformer, smaller, lighter

b. AC output quick connector design for faster installation

c. Special installation design, easy installation

2. Smart and easy to use



Q1. What kind of customers and companies do you work with?

A: we have nearly ten years of export experience and provide services to more than 100 customers, such as retailers, wholesalers and online store owners.

Q2. What kind of packaging products do you usually use?

Usually we provide color box packaging.

Q3. What is the payment method that you accept full payment?

A: Western Union and telegraphic transfer.

Q4. Can you put our logo on your product or product package?

A: Of course, we have factories. You are welcome to customize your brand, logo, color, product manual, packaging, etc.

Q5. Why do our customers choose us?

Answer: the reply time is less than 3 hours. Delivery time > 99%. Quality control > 99% after sales service > 99% 100% quality control inspection before timely delivery.

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