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12W Portable Solar Energy Panel Emergency Lighting System With Light For Home

12W Portable Solar Energy Panel Emergency Lighting System With Light For Home

Portable Solar Emergency Lighting System

12W Solar Energy Panel System

8000mah rechargeable Solar Energy System

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Global Sunrise Lights



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Product Details
Bulb Material:
Overcharge And Short Circuit Protection
Green,Black,Red, Bulb, Yellow
Material Science:
Solar Panel,LED Lamp With Cable,Data Line,etc.
Package Type:
Color Box
Payment Terms:
By T.T, Western Union, Etc.
Product Description

Solar Energy Panel 12W Portable Solar Emergency Lighting System With Light For Small Home Or Camping


Product Introduction of the SRE-6830:

Package Type Color box
Application Camping, Home, Outdoor, Emergency power supply, etc.
Product name Solar home lighting system
Payment terms By T.T, Western Union,, etc.
OEM Support
Feature High quality
Packing Carton


Characteristics of the solar lighting:

In addition, there are 8000mah rechargeable lithium batteries to create a green life. In addition, its volume is small. When traveling, camping, exploration and hunting, it will not bring too much burden to its own luggage. You can also listen to music and radio channels during the journey to make the process more colorful.

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Theory of the solar panel:

When light shines on the surface of solar cells, some photons are absorbed by silicon materials; The energy of photons is transferred to silicon atoms, making electrons transition and become free electrons. They gather on both sides of the p-n junction to form a potential difference. When the external circuit is connected, under the action of this voltage, a current will flow through the external circuit to produce a certain output power.



Application scope of the system: it can be used in rural areas, pastoral areas, mountainous areas, developing medium and small cities or commercial areas to meet local power demand.

Widely used: lighting tools, listening to songs, charging, MP3, small household appliances, etc.


Advantage/Selling points:

1. The generation of solar energy does not need fuel, which greatly reduces the operation cost

2. Solar photovoltaic power generation will not produce any waste, and will not produce noise, greenhouse and toxic gases. It is an ideal clean energy.

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