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Outdoor Traveling Portable Solar Generators Power Bank Large Capacity 36000mAh

Outdoor Traveling Portable Solar Generators Power Bank Large Capacity 36000mAh

Travel Portable Solar Power Bank Outdoor

36000mAh Solar Power Bank

3.7V Portable Solar Generators

Place of Origin:


Brand Name:

Global Sunrise Lights



Model Number:

P26 145W 150W

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Product Details
Product Name:
Portable Solar Power Station
Built In Battery:
High Energy Density Lithium Battery
Battery Capacity:
145Wh / 39000mAh /3.7V
Charging Specification:
Working Temperature:
Cycle Life:
15V 2A
Single Cell Capacity:
Product Packaging:
Product Description

Outdoor Traveling Super Large Capacity Portable Solar Power Bank 36000mAh


Product Introduction of the solar power station:

Working temperature -10℃-40℃
Cycle life >500
Output 15V 2A
DC interface 35135
Shape Wall filled
Battery model and specification 18650
Single cell capacity 2600MAH
Battery series parallel 3 series and 5 parallel
Cell voltage 3.7V


Characteristics of the solar supplier:

This product is a high stable and reliable power supply designed by snadi to meet the requirements of public power and network system. Its high quality enables it to provide safe and reliable services, user data centers, industrial control equipment, precision medical equipment and other load comprehensive protection system equipment and household appliances. The full digital vector control technology based on DSP, MCU and DDC real-time processing is adopted, with perfect protection function and high reliability.

Outdoor Traveling Portable Solar Generators Power Bank Large Capacity 36000mAh 0


Theory of the solar panel:

This product adopts high-quality original lithium-ion battery, which has no memory effect, large capacity and durability. However, we still recommend that you use it in the range of 10 C ~ 30 C to obtain the best charging capacity. When charging, keep away from TV, radio, etc. to avoid interference.


Advantage/Selling points:

1. OWN FACTORY : 17 years manufacturing experience

2. SERVICE: 12 months warranty, best after-sale service.

3. OEM&ODM: OEM&ODM supported, logo can be customized.

4. CE & ROHS, ISO9001:2008 certifications.

Outdoor Traveling Portable Solar Generators Power Bank Large Capacity 36000mAh 1



Q 1. Why is your quotation higher than other suppliers?

A: In the domestic market, high and low inverter brands are mixed together. In fact, many low-cost frequency converters are small unlicensed workshops for assembly. They are shoddy. In order to reduce costs and use substandard parts for assembly, there are great potential safety hazards! In order to protect personal and property safety, please don't be greedy for low prices. You must choose a reliable frequency converter!

Q2. Is the output voltage of our inverter stable?

A: Of course. Our inverter adopts a good regulation circuit. You can even check when measuring the true value with a multi-meter. In fact, the output voltage is quite stable. Here we need to make a special explanation: many customers find that the traditional multi-meter is unstable when measuring voltage. We can say that the operation is wrong. Ordinary multi-meter can only test pure sinusoidal waveform and calculate data.

Q3. What is the warranty scope of the inverter?

A: One year warranty.

Q4. How to solve technical problems?

A: 24-hour after-sales service consultation is only for you to solve your problems easily.



As an indispensable daily necessities, we all have a natural fear of electricity more or less. As an electronic product, photovoltaic inverter is composed of multiple devices. When it is connected to the grid for power generation, it is often hundreds of volts, so it must not be careless in operation, otherwise there may be potential safety hazards.

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